dunia Touch offers unique life experiences for personal development through international volunteer programmes

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Published May 9th, 2012 - 05:43 GMT

In its continued efforts to make a positive social impact, Dunia Finance (dunia), the leading Abu Dhabi based financial services company, has launched a new programme called dunia Touch aimed at providing individuals, both students and professionals, with International volunteering opportunities around the world. The initial range of destinations includes India, Nepal, Tanzania, Ecuador, Romania and Cambodia, with many rewarding opportunities to help less fortunate communities. The programme is unique to the region, giving people the opportunity to build philanthropic life experiences and share their skills to make a difference where help is required most.

International volunteers will have the experience of a lifetime with programmes spanning across arange of destinations and projects. dunia Touch helps match volunteers to programmes which suit their skills and interests; whether it be teaching underprivileged childrenin rural Nepal, managing micro-finance grants for HIV/Aids sufferers in Tanzania , or providing medical support in Cambodia.Students will gain experience for their CVs and professionals will be able to share their experience and put their skills into a new context,  gaining fresh perspective. The personal and community benefits are combined with the excitement of a new adventure, a personal challenge and the discovery of a new world.

Rajeev  Kakar, CEO and Executive Director of Dunia Finance said: “Sustainability is key to ensuring we leave a better future as a legacy for the next generation. The focus of dunia Touch is on helping to solve society's most pressing problems - of Health, Education, Environment and Poverty – in order to build a sustainable future. Our dunia Touch initiative is a powerful way for individuals, students and groups to work in volunteer community internships, gaining unique experiences for personal development, while supporting local communities in the process.”

The programmes are open to everyone including school and university-going students who want to gain experience and broaden their horizons while improving their CVs, or for professionals who want to take a sabbatical or career break and use the opportunity to give something back while gaining new experiences themselves. There are also opportunities for companies that want to extend their CSR initiatives to encompass international development or want to have their employees participate in team building and management exercises abroad. The volunteering initiatives, in line with dunia’s ultimate objective to empower people, enable success, and enrich lives, range from as few as 1-2 weeks up to 6 months, depending on individual requirements and schedules.

Mariam Elsamny, Head of Marketing & Corporate Affairs at Dunia, added: “Volunteerism can transform the pace and nature of development and it benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer. By volunteering with dunia Touch, you get to put your skills, energy and personal qualities to work, helping those less fortunate.”

dunia Touch is being offered in collaboration with Gap Guru, a specialist UK based international volunteering organisation, which has established expertise in managing and delivering international volunteer placements.

Arvind Malhorta, CEO, GapGuru, said: “Our placements are designed for two distinct groups. We aim to help students distinguish themselves from their peers by building unique character into their CVs and developing their understanding of the world. We also work with professionals, on career breaks and in retirement, who want to share their experience and contribute in a meaningful way to underprivileged individuals in developing communities.”

Dunia will be hosting a seminar with counselors from Gap GuruUK on Saturday 19th May, 2012 from 5 – 7 PM in order to share various programme details. 

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