Egypt accounts for 18% of all ransomware threats in North Africa

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Published October 9th, 2016 - 01:51 GMT
Ihab Moawad, VP Mediterranean, Mid. East, Africa, Russia & CIS at Trend Micro
Ihab Moawad, VP Mediterranean, Mid. East, Africa, Russia & CIS at Trend Micro

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in security software, is concerned that Egypt is seeing a sustained rise in threat activity, even as the country account for 18% of all Ransomware activity in North Africa. The security vendor also detects on average 19,797 pieces of malware a month in Egypt.

This year alone Trend Micro has seen a 54% increase in the number of threats across North Africa, as compared to the same period last year. Egypt is a prime target, and businesses, individuals, and government entities have to be more vigilant against cyber-attacks, as the consequences can be devastating says Ihab Moawad, VP Mediterranean, Mid. East, Africa, Russia & CIS at Trend Micro.

“Egypt remains a bedrock for the North African and regional economy, as such it will attract cybercriminals. For Trend Micro, Egypt is a big focus, and we remain committed in our efforts to keeping our customers, and the country safe from internet threats. As a company we have significant resources on the ground to help our customers deal with any attack on their network,” added Moawad.

The Trend Micro Vice President for the region is in Egypt, talking to customer and government entities, educating them on the active threats, and to reconfirm Trend Micro’s commitment to the country.

Across North Africa spam email averages at 2.8 million, and Egypt accounts for 22% of all spam generated in the region. Malicious mobile apps download is also on the rise across the country. On average there are 44,938 mobile downloads, with 1160 different viruses attached to these downloads.

A worrying concern for Trend Micro is the rise in the number of banking malwares in the country. Currently the security vendor is seeing on average 85 banking malware in the country, which accounts for 12.5% of all banking malware being tracked across North Africa.

Globally Trend Micro is seeing on average 250 million threats a day. With the growing presence of ransomware and other malicious threats, it is imperative that companies and individuals rely on the right security software and have adequate security protocols in place to prevent cyberattacks.

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