EMAL ‘Leading the way in Environmental Excellence’ at global forum on sustainability

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Published November 26th, 2013 - 11:05 GMT
Emirates Aluminium
Emirates Aluminium

In a keynote presentation to the global aluminium industry Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) showcased how making environmental excellence a priority is helping to provide the sustainable future the company is committed to. More than 800 participants from across the world attended the inaugural AluSolutions event in Montreal, Canada, in October, which is dedicated to sustainability in the aluminium industry.

Mohammed Al-Jawi, Manager – Environment at EMAL, made the presentation (entitled ‘EMAL as a Leader in Environmental Excellence’) on 23 October. In his presentation Mohammed re-iterated EMAL’s commitment to environmental excellence and demonstrated how the EMAL model is being implemented across every aspect of work at the UAE industrial flagship.

Commenting on his presentation, Mohammed said: “Events such as AluSolutions provide an ideal platform for EMAL to display our achievements. Environmental excellence is about making a proactive contribution to the world by improving the workplace, ensuring development is sustainable and conserving and improving our environment. By embedding sustainable principles into every aspect of EMAL’s work we are continually striving to deliver excellence in all we do.”

The EMAL model for environmental excellence is inspired by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the UAE, who was a strong advocate of sustainable development. EMAL’s environmental excellence model is based on a set of enablers whichare the basis for delivering its environmental objectives. Leadership is provided through EMAL’s shareholders and management; Strategy aligned to complying with all regulatory requirements and embracing the environment as a core value; Resources are provided to secure the Best Available Technologies (BAT); and Processes ensuring the environment is considered in every decision taken.

As a result of this model EMAL has an enviable environmental record. 700million US dollars has been invested in the latest environmental technologies to minimise environmental impact including the latest gas treatment centres to reduce both fluoride and sulphur dioxide emissions. EMAL’s current recycling rate is 78 per cent with only 14 per cent sent to landfill. EMAL voluntarily monitors the temperature of the sea water around the plant to reduce stress on local marine life. Before construction began a translocation exercise was undertaken to relocate all flora and fauna. EMAL also monitors air quality, groundwater, noise levels and vegetation in the vicinity.

EMAL President and CEO, Saeed Fadhel Al Mazrooei, said: “Protection of the environment is one of EMAL’s core values. Environmental excellence has been at the heart of the EMAL project from the very beginning. I am proud that EMAL is providing leadership in this important area by putting policies into action to create a sustainable future.”

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