EMGAS to kick-off Ramadan charity campaign with Dar Al Ber Society

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Published June 23rd, 2015 - 03:40 GMT
During the event
During the event

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Emirates Gas LLC (EMGAS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), is marking the values of charity and solidarity during the Holy Month of Ramadan by partnering with Dar Al Ber Society to provide LPG refill vouchers for 500 disadvantaged families in Dubai, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain.

The announcement was made following a signing ceremony between Hesham Ali Mustafa, Senior Director of ENOC Gas Marketing and General Manager of EMGAS, and Abdullah Ali bin Zayed, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber Society. The ceremony was also attended by Zaid Al Qufaidi, Managing Director of ENOC Marketing.

This year, EMGAS Ramadan campaign is held under the theme, ‘Feed a Family’ this Ramadan, which will provide LPG refill vouchers along with LPG safety leaflets for disadvantaged families who are registered with Dar Al Ber Society and earn less than AED 2,500 monthly. EMGAS Ramadan and LPG safety campaigns will be promoted through TV commercials during the Holy Month on Sama Dubai TV to raise awareness among the public.

As part of the campaign, the vouchers entitle those families to one free refill of a 22kg LPG cylinder per family. The refills will be provided from the first day of Ramadan through December 31st, 2015. Additionally Iftar meals will be offered to the cylinder distribution staff in Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah.

Zaid Alqufaidi, Managing Director of ENOC Marketing, commented: “ENOC is committed to promoting best safety practices and LPG cylinder handling is an important cause given it’s a common practice amongst various customer groups. We will continue to undertake similar awareness campaigns as part of our CSR commitment.”

Hesham Ali Mustafa, said: “We are pleased to renew our cooperation with Dar Al Ber Society this year to distribute free LPG refills to underprivileged families, and the joy it brings to them makes our effort truly worthwhile. The initiative promotes social integration and unity in line with the vision of our nation’s leadership.

“We are thankful to the Dar Al Ber Society for their support of our CSR campaign that highlights the spirit of compassion and generosity during the Holy Month of Ramadan.”

Abdullah Ali bin Zayed, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber Society, commented: “We are pleased to partner with EMGAS for our ‘Feed a Family’ charity campaign to provide LPG refill vouchers for 500 disadvantaged families in Dubai, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain. This partnership follows many other successful initiatives on which we have worked together since 2011. To celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan, we have joined hands with EMGAS to promote the spirit of collaboration highlighted within the bigger seasonal campaign we support. This campaign underlines our support to the community and we are thankful to EMGAS, as well as other civil society organisations which fund charitable and humanity projects to help disadvantaged families feel the joy and happiness within the society’s social responsibility standards, mission and strategy that we have been focusing on for the last 36 years.”

The largest supplier of LPG in the UAE, EMGAS is also the market leader in supplying a variety of LPG products and Propane used in industrial, commercial establishments and residential areas.

Background Information

Emirates Gas

​​Emirates Gas is the leading supplier of LP Gases in the UAE and is recognized as an authority and reference point in the industry. Well established for over 30 years and a preferred choice of customers, EMGAS with a large fleet of modern tankers has catered to the rapid industrialization of Dubai and ensured speedy and reliable gas service to consumers. Apart from LP Gas, EMGAS has diversified to supply Propane and Aerosol Propellants for various specialized requirements and applications and is now poised to grow in the International market. With well qualified and experienced human resources, EMGAS has been in the forefront of setting benchmarks in the industry and improving safety and operating standards of customers through training and technical assistance.

Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC)

Emirates National Oil Company Limited (ENOC) L.L.C. is a leading integrated global oil and gas player operating across the energy sector value chain. A wholly owned company of the Government of Dubai, ENOC was initially established in 1993.


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