Energy Conservation Is Everyone’s Responsibility Easy and Practical Tips for a More Sustainable Lifestyle

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Published October 10th, 2019 - 08:47 GMT
LG AI DD Washing Machine
LG AI DD Washing Machine
Heating and cooling consume the largest amount of energy.

Is it enough to turn off the lights for 60 minutes once every 365 days to celebrate Earth Hour and continue our uncontrolled consumption of energy day and night? Energy conservation is everyone's responsibility, both individuals and institutions. Everyone can contribute to energy saving by following easy and practical guidelines and making simple adjustments to their lifestyle and daily practices.


Recent innovations have provided the means and products to help us save electricity on lighting. Energy-efficient light bulbs that consume 25% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs can be used. We also have to make sure to turn off the lights during daytime and rely only on sunlight, and turn them off in unoccupied rooms or when we leave the house.

Revolutionary Heating and Cooling Techniques

Heating and cooling consume the largest amount of energy. We must therefore take measures to help reduce this amount. In the first place, home thermal efficiency should be achieved by paying attention to the insulation of internal surfaces and walls, filling the gaps around doors, windows and chimneys to prevent cold air leaks, and closing internal doors to ensure that the room where we always stay is effectively heated or cooled. Along with these procedures, choosing an energy-efficient air conditioner will achieve your goal. How?

LG Electronics has the answer. It has designed easy-to-use, responsive and energy efficient products using revolutionary technologies such as LG Inverter Technology. This technology regulates the speed of motors and compressors according to the appropriate mode, as it automatically adjusts the speed to increase production, improve energy use, and reduce noise.

LG's DUALCOOL inverter-powered air conditioners, for example, deliver powerful cooling and heating performance and outstanding energy savings. They consume up to 70% less electricity with 40% faster cooling than traditional air conditioners.

Refrigerators are a Basic Need in Every Home

Refrigerators are indispensable household appliances that cannot be turned off; still, we can preserve our refrigerator and reduce its energy consumption by following the following guidelines:

- Choose a suitable location to place the refrigerator, so that it is away from any heat-emitting appliances such as oven, stove, dishwasher and others, and not exposed to direct sunlight.

- Regularly remove dust from behind the refrigerator to ensure good air circulation.

- Ensure that all connections for the refrigerator are in very good condition, as damage to these connections will increase the amount of electricity consumption by 10%.

- Do not open the refrigerator doors too frequently or for a long time.

Along with these measures, we recommend that you choose energy-efficient refrigerators, such as LG's InstaView™ smart refrigerators. Through the inverter technology, this refrigerator maintains the most stable temperature, saving up to 18% of energy, which is equivalent to the value of your electricity bill for two months.

The Right Washing Machine Saves Time and Energy

Choosing an energy- and water-efficient washing machine is the most important step to give your clothes the best attention they deserve, while reducing electricity consumption. LG washing machines are the perfect choice. When it comes to washing machines, LG relies on a direct drive inverter system to increase engine efficiency and thus enable a full wash cycle at only 67 watts in less than 40 minutes without compromising performance and saving 14% of water use. This system makes the washing machine less susceptible to malfunctions and also helps reduce noise levels. LG also offers revolutionary laundry dryer solutions by adding the Sensor Dry Technology to provide complete drying, with a stop system based on the moisture content of the clothes to save energy.

Dishwashers for Water Conservation

Dishwashers can save time, effort and water, but achieving these goals is linked to our choice of highly-efficient dishwasher and a greater attention to use. You should choose the proper wash cycle for washing dishes and cookware, and avoid overloading the dishwasher and stacking the dishes inside, resulting in more energy consumption.

LG has succeeded in providing consumers with dishwashers with modern energy and water saving technologies. LG Inverter Direct Drive System, which allows smooth power transfer from the engine to the water spray system, thereby improving the intensity and power of the washing process for each load. Dual Spray enables the upper and lower shelves of the dishwasher to use independent water pressure levels to save water and electricity.

Choosing the most energy efficient devices and appliances and paying attention to our daily lighting practices will help us save significant amounts of money on our monthly bills, as well as play our role as individuals in preserving our planet and natural resources.

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