The Environment and Protected Areas Authority Partners Ministry of Energy To Train Fishermen in Safety and Environmental Protection

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Published October 18th, 2021 - 10:23 GMT
The Environment and Protected Areas Authority Partners Ministry of Energy To Train Fishermen in Safety and Environmental Protection
From the event.

The Environment and Protected Areas Authority in Sharjah (EPAA) has this morning conducted an eligibility certificate course for driving small marine craft (driving license) for fishermen. The free course was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, at the headquarters of the Al Khalidiya Suburb Council in Sharjah. More than 80 fishermen attended. 

The training targeting boat owners was inspired by the need for the EPAA and the Ministry to enhance security and safety procedures, reduce marine accidents, preserve the marine environment, and raise legal awareness about the operation of boats.

The course involved introduction to the boat and its various parts, how to safely tow while in water, trailer load or car tow. It further emphasized procedures to note while preparing for a sea trip, and the elements to be paid attention to, such as maximum capacity of the boat, power of the engines, and providing the boat with the necessary and sufficient fuel for the sea trip while maintaining not less than 30% quantity as reserve for emergency use.

Preserving the marine environment, enhancing security and safety measures 

Speaking at the training, Her Excellency Hana Saif Al Suwaidi, Chairperson of the Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA), “As an EPAA, we are keen to organize such courses because of their role in introducing the importance of the environment and natural resources, raising public awareness, and motivating fishermen and boat owners. The main focus of our agenda, in cooperation with one of our strategic partners (the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure), indicates the importance and necessity of continuing the approach of joint work and cooperation in order to achieve the highest levels of excellence and success.”

She added, "This course contributes to preserving the marine environment, enhancing security and safety measures, preserving living organisms and plants, and reducing pollution levels resulting from dumping waste in seawater."

New knowledge and awareness tips

For his part, Abdulaziz Salem Al Suwaidi, Director of the Marine Sustainability Department at EPAA, said: “The course participants were instructed on inspection and maintenance of the boat, such as periodic inspection of the outer hull for cracks and fractures, internal and external cleanliness, maintaining the efficiency of the ropes as well as using a suitable cover for protection from sunlight. The instruction also covered safety and security equipment that must be available on each boat, the internationally recognized distress signals at sea, and the most important marine accidents that can occur and how to avoid them.”

Participants expressed their appreciation for the training and the usual efforts of the authority in preserving the marine environment and the fishing world in particular, noting that they benefited from the course, having learned how to sail safely when leaving the pier and returning to it, and the most basic rules while sailing in order to observe safety of boats, vehicles and ships that use the sea.

The Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA) in Sharjah seeks to protect the environment, natural reserves, wildlife and their biodiversity through scientific studies and research. The authority publishes educational awareness material, implements policies for environmental awareness and programs, and launches specialized campaigns in the field of environmental awareness and education.

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Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA)

We aim to build up an interactive partnership and develop an effective environmental management to preserve the environment and achieve sustainable development.

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