Etisalat Enabling the Future of Retail at GITEX Technology Week

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Published October 9th, 2019 - 06:45 GMT
During the event
During the event

Etisalat is demonstrating the retail spaces of tomorrow at GITEX Technology Week with innovative and transformative showcases that can be enabled on the 5G network paving the way for future growth highlighting how smart technologies are becoming an integral part of the industry.

During this year’s edition, the demonstrations are intuitive and intelligent featuring technologies like technologies like AI, IoT, RFID, NFC, autonomous and robotics.

The intelligent retail experience will help visitors witness the evolution of retail and at the same time experience a connected store. Now with the 5G network, it will become a critical enabler of these futuristic use cases opening up a world of opportunities for the retail sector.

This year at GITEX, retail has showcases including AI assisted shopping, connected fashion, IoT self-checkout, autonomous vehicles, robotics and advanced payment solutions.

The Neolix self-driving delivery vehicle helps track via an app and simply use their smartphone to access items once the vehicle arrives. Moby Mart is staff-less and can be put anywhere: from a small village, to the city centers, to airports, office building, etc. VICKI is an IOT self-checkout solution for retail understanding her customers' habits, preferences and even questions.

Caper, the autonomous shopping cart is a self-service checkout on wheels that can with the help of built-in sensors, identify every item that a customer puts into it. The complete shopping experience in the retail area is AI-assisted, utilising state of the art facial recognition systems to identify specific users.

Swisslog’s robot-based solution ItemPiQ showcases highly efficient order processing solutions for single items and is designed for repeated, reliable picking of a wide range of items to fulfil fast delivery of orders at low operating costs.

The AI powered robotic checkout assistant picks items at the checkout counter and identify each item being picked along with the price. At the same time there is another autonomous checkout that dismisses barcodes and recognises the products immediately. There is also a lot analytics on the stand with technologies conducting real time face and body analysis.

The advanced payment demonstration of the biocompatible NFC implant is a unique showcase completing the intelligent shopping experience using the microchip implanted in the hand. Imagine a seamless digital interaction for everyday transactions.

For the fashionistas, the new connected fashion concept is framed in a realistic look and feel with visitors being able to interact with ‘Furhat’ the robot who will assist you in your complete shopping experience, the zone also consists of dynamic displays and interactive experiences, personalised shopping, product customisation, offline pickup for online purchased orders.

The retail area will also attract the foodies, with displays from ‘Natufia Kitchen Garden’, originally designed for Michelin star chefs is an environmental friendly concept encouraging chefs to grow their own herbs and vegetables right in their kitchen.  

The fully automated bread-making machine ‘Breadbot’, world’s first smoothie vending machine ‘Alberts Robotic Smoothie Station’, and a disruptive coffee experience with ‘Robotic Barista’ are the other attractions on the stand.

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Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat)

etisalat has deployed many innovative technologies and services to remain at the leading edge of customer experience.
etisalat’s senior leaders understands the need to continue its investments in building the networks of the future because the positive effects filter down to the rest of the economy. Today, the UAE boasts of an excellent telecoms ecosystem, capable of driving successes across industries and sectors.

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