Eton Institute launches 'Summer for Change', a charitable initiative to help thousands of people in need

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Published May 29th, 2014 - 07:33 GMT
Eton Institute
Eton Institute

Eton Institute is aiming to support children's education, fight poverty and raise awareness of breast cancer this summer through their 'Summer for Change' initiative.

Throughout the globe, remarkable work is undertaken daily to help make the world a better place to live for everyone. For those of us that are fortunate in life, our resources give us an amazing opportunity to make a real and significant difference. Eton Institute has dedicated this summer to start the chain of change, with its 'Summer for Change' campaign. Each of the three months of summer will highlight a worthy cause.

Through international donations and locally based awareness activities championed by its own staff, Eton Institute will strive to bring these causes into the spotlight and give them the attention they deserve.

June is dedicated to children's education and Eton Institute is supporting the charity Save the Children. It's community of staff, instructors and students also plan to host activities of their own to support and create awareness for local charities that work for
the same cause. The charitable activities include a Children's Concert as well as a Children's Educational Activity. 

This year Ramadan, the month of giving, falls in July, highlighting the cause of fighting poverty. Eton Institute will support CARE International, a charity who works tirelessly to end poverty. Locally, the Eton Institute family will also be hosting a special Iftar for Labourers and will be distributing Care Packages among the deprived to help support those in need.

The month of August is dedicated to breast cancer awareness and the highlighted charity is the National Breast Cancer Foundation. To help support this cause, Eton Institute has organized a Free Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop, Charity Football Match and aMall Walk. Eton Institute's CEO will also be climbing Mont Blanc, committed to raising awareness and funds for breast cancer.

"We at Eton Institute believe that giving truly enriches your life. Our CEO has always inspired us towards the same. Last year his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro helped raise funds for cancer research, which will be carried through this year to the Mont Blanc climb and hopefully culminate next year in his trip to the North Pole. These treks test an individual's strength, determination and endurance, but seem nothing compared to the plight faced by thousands of people around the world," commented Moaz Khan, Marketing Director at Eton Institute. "People visiting us or learning with us this summer will be part of something very special," Mr. Khan added.

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