EUROSTAR Group targets revenues of USD 1 billion by 2020

Press release
Published January 2nd, 2012 - 09:59 GMT

EUROSTAR Group, a well diversified conglomerate with core interests in Digital Satellite Receiving Systems, Consumer Electronics (CE) and other businesses, has announced a target of USD 1 billion in annual revenues by 2020.

EUROSTAR Group has identified growth areas in Convergent Technologies, IPTV, Tendering, FMCG & Trading businesses. Looking to take advantage of these growth sectors, the company has recently broadened its offerings for the Middle East and the UAE, where they have rolled out new products to complement their existing portfolio. In fact, for the Middle East market alone, the company has revealed a strong demand for their very own digital satellite receiving systems, range of consumer electronics, home appliances and convergent technology products. Furthermore, the company’s channel strength of over 500 dealers, hypermarkets and corporate channel partners act as a strategic catalyst in leveraging EUROSTAR’s diverse portfolio of products across their business segments.

“The Middle East region and the UAE in particular, have demonstrated a vibrant consumer electronics market, with consumers exhibiting strong preferences for high quality world class electronic products” said Raju T. Jethwani, Chairman, EUROSTAR Group. “The UAE remains a strong base for our re-export activities allowing us to focus on Africa and other emerging markets. Saudi Arabia, where we originally started our business continues to remain a strong growth market for several of our businesses. These factors have allowed us to remain confident that we will be able to achieve our target revenue of USD 1 billion by 2020”.

The business conglomerate continues to expand by entering new territories with a diverse portfolio of products and services by carefully analyzing emerging market trends to address customer demands and requirements. Since, its establishment 30 years ago, today the EUROSTAR Group has grown to over 25 retail showrooms in the Middle East region with business operations spread out across 50 countries worldwide. The group also maintains a strategic 24/7 in-house call centre and has an established distribution network in the Middle East, Africa, CIS, the Indian subcontinent with operations in Asia. The EUROSTAR Group’s list of clients includes top Telco’s and other high profile corporates within the region.

“Our strength lies in our abilities to understand changing market trends and consumer demands. Aside from this, we also concentrate on providing total customer satisfaction by maintaining a strategic customer care centre, an efficient supply chain management system, state of the art warehousing systems and a key research and development centre. We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide our rapidly growing customer base with world class high quality products and services that they can use for business and leisure,”concluded Mr. Jethwani.

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