Experience the World of Professional Photography With the Huawei Nova 9: The Camera King Smartphone

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Published November 16th, 2021 - 08:12 GMT
Experience the World of Professional Photography With the Huawei Nova 9: The Camera King Smartphone
Abdulaziz alsagheer- taken by HUAWEI nova 9.
New HUAWEI nova 9 smartphone – the Trendy Flagship and Camera King – makes it easier than ever to take professional grade pictures thanks to its advanced camera setup.

New HUAWEI nova 9 smartphone – the Trendy Flagship and Camera King – makes it easier than ever to take professional grade pictures thanks to its advanced camera setup. With the HUAWEI nova 9 users do not need any experience as a photographer to be able to capture a beautiful scene during a holiday, an evening out with friends and family or even something that catches your eye during a walk. The HUAWEI nova 9 gives users the tools they need to take stunning images even in low light conditions without the need for a complicated or expensive camera. 

Capture everything with the Ultra Vision AI Quad Camera Setup

The secret to a great camera is how much light it can capture and with the HUAWIE nova 9’s Ultra Vision AI Quad Camera Setup you get so much more. The 50MP Ultra Vision Main Camera features a RYYB color filter array which includes a 1/1.56-inch sensor - the largest sensor ever fitted to a HUAWEI nova series phone. In fact, it collects 40% more light than standard RGGB sensors, which enables users to capture superb photos and videos even in low light conditions. The camera also makes sure the brighter parts of an image are not over exposed while the dark areas are clear and packed with detail. 

In addition to that there is an 8MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera, a 2MP Depth Camera and a 4cm Macro Camera. The upgraded hardware combines with HUAWIE nova 9’s flagship-class algorithms to give users the ability to take high clarity images across scenarios including city night photos, panoramas, portraits with bokeh effects or close-ups. 

XD Fusion Engine takes the guess work out of capturing great photographs 

The HUAWEI nova 9 features an XD Fusion Engine that works with the main camera’s large sensor to take high quality images rich in detail. This innovative technology inherits the photography algorithms from Huawei’s flagship smartphones. XD Fusion Engine supports a dynamic range that works in both bright and dark scenes. Low light photographs are crisp with minimal image noise thanks to the large sensor.  The RYYB sensor and XD Fusion Engine work together to deliver a SuperSensing high-definition photography experience while AI Shutter technology, supports AI Snapshot for capturing outstanding images quickly.

Get the perfect selfie with the 32MP front camera

As for selfies and vlogging needs, the HUAWEI nova 9 has a 32MP selfie camera that is capable of recording selfie videos in 4K clarity. With the HUAWEI nova 9 you can easily switch between front and rear cameras continuously whilst recording to produce a single video featuring both footage in one go. Alternatively, you can use Dual-View Video to show both front and rear perspectives simultaneously, or to put a zoomed shot and wide shot together, both taken on the rear camera, in one frame. Again, this switching of camera occurs seamlessly, allowing you to create unique videos by just pressing the record button. With the Petal Clip app, users can easily choose from a variety of video templates and themes before posting their vlogs or other videos to social media in no time. Moreover, complicated editing processes have been streamlined thanks to Video Search and One-Click Video Creation.

To showcase these stunning features, Huawei collaborated with local talents to showcase what the HUAWEI nova 9 can do, and one of these talents was the Saudi photographer Abdulaziz Alsaghir.  With the HUAWEI nova 9 camera, Alsaghir was able to deliver his art and shared his best three images that expressed different emotions to him and in which he wanted the world to experience.

He took his first photo at night in the traditional village of Rijal, the village that represents his history and roots.  Thanks to HUAWEI nova 9’s superior RYYB sensor with its high light polarization of 40%, he stated that he was able to capture all of the fine details including the buildings, people, history and the scene that reflects the tenderness and calmness of his village at night.

His second photo was taken with the Ultra Wide Angle Camera feature of the HUAWEI nova 9 phone as the lens have the ability to cover a large area of ​​the scene and an excellent dynamic range between bright and shadow areas; he chose the location of the Al Habla Park, one of the natural parks in which the Asir region abounds, and where the name of this place originates from the ropes that were used by the villagers to climb the cliff whose steep terrain appears in the picture.

For his the third image, Alsaghir wanted to reflect innocence and beauty, so he took images of a kitten that he saved and adopted; using the HUAWEI nova 9 lens, he was able to reveal how inspiring and captivating kittens could be.

Huawei also collaborated with other photographers globally, whom shared stunning images that they captured, and wanted us to experience the world as people don’t usually see it, at night time. They were able to shoot a variety of city scenes using the HUAWEI nova 9’s Night Mode feature that includes a multi-frame noise reduction and a 4-in-1 Light Fusion Technology that makes night photography easier than ever.  Thanks to the nova 9 lens, the images turned out to be very vibrant and calm, showcasing the aesthetic of scenes during the late hours.


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