Fun and Easy to DIY Back to School Projects with Jotun’s Kids Collection

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Published September 29th, 2021 - 01:16 GMT
Fun and Easy to DIY Back to School Projects with Jotun’s Kids Collection
3014 Zircon
Jotun has inspiration as well as tips and tricks to help you achieve your interior design dream.

With everyone back at school, it’s the perfect time to give your child’s room a makeover. Whether you’re creating a calming space to study or an enigmatic playroom, Jotun has inspiration as well as tips and tricks to help you achieve your interior design dream.

When it comes to room ideas, you can be as playful as you like and with Jotun’s new Kid’s Collection ‘Dear Earth’, offering 23 nature themed colours, curated to ignite a child’s curiosity with the natural beauty around and bring it firmly into their everyday lives.

With Jotun’s Fenomastic Wonderwall Life – you can get an easily washable, no-smell paint with a luxurious silky finish, improving the indoor air quality and creating beautiful walls every day.

Here are 4 tips and tricks from Rana Khadra, Jotun’s Colour Marketing Manager, to help fill your child’s room with wonder and make a difference to their world.

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                   12199 Earthy Sand                                        12185 Yellowfin and 12218 Oryx White

  1. Transport them to A Whole New World

Through the clouds and over the sea, transport their bedroom into a whole new world. To inspire ideas that can encompass boundless imagination, make your kids feel like they're constantly on an adventure by using even the simplest of painted murals or adding accessories to spark creative play.

Using two complementary and very natural colours, along with a fun design, you can instantly transport your little ones to lush landscapes filled with clean oceans, desert dunes, or enchanted forests.

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2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

As your child drifts off to sleep, create a beautiful environment in their room by painting different shapes on the walls. Somewhere under this rainbow is a world of imagination, perfect for sparking creativity and inspiring independent play. Brighten the walls with a sun or create a cosy place for them to snuggle up at night, a mural of the moon or their favourite animals.

Bring the walls to life by using beautiful textures that not only add depth and dimension but also loads of creativity and fun.

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12184 Arabian Tahr                                   20192 Purple Ivory

3. Make a Statement

Walls aren’t the only way to rediscover a room. If you’re looking to refresh the space, look no further than the furniture in their room and turn it into a statement piece.

Using a range of colours and textures is a clever way to transform the room and create a lively and energetic environment for your children.

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12218 Oryx White and 3404 Pink Clay                                12185 Yellowfin

4. Define their Space

To help make the space multi-purpose, use a few colours to divide and define different spaces, like a spot to study which is separate from a place to play. This will help focus your child when it comes time for homework, or excite them when they have free time.

This technique works particularly well when adding shelves, frames, or even accessories. By painting a section of the room, a more stimulating hue than the rest, you’ll make the area feel special and a lot more exciting!

For more inspiration or to explore the full Jotun ‘Dear Earth’ Kids Collection, visit our stores or

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