Gemini Property Developers’ Offers 20,000 Iftar Meals to Labourers in Commemoration of ‘Year of Zayed’

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Published June 3rd, 2018 - 08:53 GMT
Chairman Sudhakar Rao sharing Iftar with labourers in Ajman
Chairman Sudhakar Rao sharing Iftar with labourers in Ajman

As part of the strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, Gemini Property Developers, a Dubai-based boutique developer, has dedicated considerable resources to hand over more than 20,000 Iftar meals to the labourers in the industrial areas and labour camps of Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman during the holy month of Ramadan.

Gemini Property Developer’s top management, including the Chairman, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, are visiting the labour camps in the outskirts of Ajman to share the Iftar meals with the labourers.

“Our success is a result of the shared blessings from the Almighty and best wishes from our valued stakeholders. We feel it is our duty to share part of our success with others, especially those in need of support,” Sudhakar R. Rao, Chairman of Gemini Property Developers, said while talking to labourers in a labour camp in the New Industrial Area of Ajman and wishing them a blessed Ramadan. “What we are doing over the month of Ramadan comes from the bottom of our hearts and it gives me a great pleasure to be sitting with them on the same ground with these workers and sharing Iftar  with them.

“The culture of giving comes from within our hearts and we want to channelize this culture to those who need the most and we are inspired by the visionary leaders of the UAE – who constantly encourage us to do more for others.

“This is also a part of our year-long celebration of the Year of Zayed, who was born in 1918 – a century ago and led the UAE towards prosperity. His leadership defined the UAE and we all are greatly indebted to him.”

Gemini Group’s contribution comes at a time when the worldwide culture of ‘giving’ increases. The UAE contributed Dh19.32 billion in development aid last year (2017) to 147 countries, which ensured that it retained its position as the ‘Top World Aid Donor’ for the fifth year in a row.

Since its foundation in 1971, the young country has extended philanthropic aid, in the form of humanitarian relief projects or through cooperation with international and UN organizations, to 178 countries worldwide, with the total aid and development assistance reaching approximately Dh240 billion by 2017.

Sudhakar R. Rao adds, “As a business organisation we are deeply committed to the UAE and the well-being of its citizens is our shared responsibility and want to continue our deep engagement with the government authorities, public institutions and the private sector organisations to extend our support and reach to the lower echelons of the society.”

He was touched and revealed that: “Gemini group plans to increase its share of CSR activities on a larger scale and has already formed “Global Hope Foundation” as its CSR arm in India which will be expanded to UAE soon.”

Total giving to charitable organisations in the United States reached $390.05 billion in 2016, which is 2.1 percent of the country’s GDP, according to Charity Navigator, an online tracker of charitable contribution. This is an increase of 2.7 per cent in current dollars and 1.4 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars from 2015.

“Charitable giving continued its upward trend in 2016, as an estimated $390 billion was given to charitable causes. For the third year in a row, total giving reached record levels,” said a report. This increase and the overall size of charitable contributions is further testament to the integral role charities play in our society, a role which continues to grow.”

Gemini Property Developers, which is delivering its maiden project, Splendor at Mohammed Bin Rashid City, is currently preparing for its next project, Symphony at Business Bay. The group has been involved in the UAE economy for the last 15 years, contributing to the economy.

According to Charity Navigator, the majority of that giving comes from individuals. In 2016, individuals gave $281.86 billion, accounting for 72 percent of all giving and representing a 3.9 percent increase over 2015.  

Foundations - which includes grants made by independent, community, and operating foundations - gave $59.28 billion (15% of all donations). This represents a 3.5 percent increase over the prior year. However, giving or donations by corporations grew by 3.5 percent to $18.55 billion or just 5 percent of all donations).

Prabhakar Raghavendra, Managing Director of Gemini Property Development, says, “The above statistics reflect the need by business organisations, especially large corporations to increase their contribution to the societies. Dubai Government is encouraging the private sector organisations to increase their CSR activities and their contribution to the societies.

“We, as an organisation feel this is our moral obligation to improve the wellbeing of the society by increasing our contribution and Gemini Property Developers will remain committed to the society of the UAE and the wellbeing of its people,” concluded Prabhakar.

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