Gigaset Communications: Setting trends beyond telephony - Increases market share to 40%

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Published November 14th, 2012 - 06:39 GMT

In a highly dynamic market environment, Gigaset Communications, one of the largest manufacturers of cordless phones in the world, continues to strengthen its presence in fast growing markets and setting trends and developing products to fit different customers’ needs. Gigaset is undergoing a transformative process, evolving itself from a supplier of cordless landline telephones into a full-service provider of networked communications solutions.

Shahzad Ahmed, CEO of MEA, SEA& India, Gigaset Communications said, “Despite the highly volatile political situation in the region, the continued effects of the recession, and increasing competition from global players, Gigaset Middle East has been able to record results that exceed our targets. This is testament to the effectiveness of our strategies and superior quality of our products. Gigaset performs and develops better than the overall market and has steadily increased its market share to 40%. We are setting ambitious objectives our new segments, in order to exploit the opportunities for digital transformation. We will continue to pursue our high-end strategy and expand our portfolio with Android, VoIP and video telephony products, and cloud-based Internet services.

“Cordless phone markets are currently under pressure because of the euro crisis. However, we are performing better than the European market as a whole and are gaining market share.  Our cordless voice core business is still generating good revenue and gross margins. We expect to become even more dominant in our core business in the region thanks to our superior DECT standard,” added Mr. Ahmed.

In line with this high-end strategy, the soon to be launched Gigaset S820 will offer the best of both worlds. It’s the first hybrid landline telephone to combine classical keypad and touch display. It’s freely accessible Gigaset QuickSync software synchronizes Outlook, Google and iCloud (for Apple Mac devices) contacts.

Yet another outstanding design coupled with innovative technology is the Gigaset’s first Android DECT telephone which will soon set new standards in landline telephony. It is also the first Android landline telephone offering that gives access to Google Playstore with more than 600,000 apps, and comes with a 3.2” full-touch color display.

“Every second German house hold has a Gigaset phone. That will not change all of a sudden. Even in this region, we see that our products are very popular among young households in particular- at the latest when people start a family and set up their own home. In addition, our more recent products are also aimed at younger target groups and are fixed-line phones that can now offer access to Twitter and Facebook, for example. At the same time, we offer small and medium-sized enterprises VoIP and Android technologies in the shape of ‘Gigaset pro’. Backed by its strength and expertise in its core business, Gigaset will continue to evolve with cloud and software-based applications in communications technology,” said Hasan Palandöken , Vice President Sales MEA & APAC of Gigaset Communications.

For the first time, Gigaset presents itself in its new orientation with three business fields:Consumer Products, and the new high-growth areas of Business Customersand Home Networks. Gigaset is getting ready to show its expanded technological competence in all three fields, which will go far beyond Gigaset’s core business in cordless telephony. Consistently and across all business divisions, Gigaset will rely on an open modular IP platform that facilitates cloud-based Internet services and supports a comprehensive portfolio of applications and services. To ensure that its customers will continue to benefit from speedy cycles of innovation and a wide variety of new applications, Gigaset will expand its present focus on the time-tested DECT standard to primarily also include Google’s Android operating system.

The Gigaset pro series in theBusiness Customers segment offers the versatility and reliability business users need in their everyday work.

“The Home Networks segment is the newest pillar in Gigaset’s new strategy. Here, Gigaset introduces an innovative IP-based system that connects modern people with their homes, even when they’re away from home. In this context, Gigaset will debut concrete concepts from the new 'Gigaset Elements‘product line, including security, care-giving, energy management and a variety of other functionalities,”added Mr. Hassan.

Background Information

Gigaset Communications

Gigaset Communications GmbH is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cordless phones and the clear market leader in Europe for DECT phones. With its headquarters in Munich, the company develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality products under the brand Siemens Gigaset. Its portfolio includes fixed-network phones, Voice over IP devices, software solutions and home media products. The primary production site is in Bocholt, Germany, where the Gigaset products are manufactured under the most stringent quality and environmental standards. Gigaset Communications is a licensee of the Siemens trademark.

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