At Home in Amman: a practical guide to living in Amman

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Published June 19th, 2012 - 08:45 GMT

At Home in Amman provides you with a practical and informative guide to help ease your transition to the complex and rich city of Amman. The natural cultural shock may be difficult to deal with at first, which is why At Home in Amman offers practical tips for you to keep in mind throughout this process; particularly, in its introductory cultural adaptation section which compiles a wide range of suggestions and information regarding the customs and the expected methods of interaction and reaction in Amman’s society. 

It is advised that you approach this new environment with a sense of adventure and discovery, and the details found in the guide will help you make the most of your time and resources. At Home in Amman will become your go-to book for information on any topic related to city life: if you’re considering renting an apartment, finding your way around the streets of Amman, looking for a particular kind of restaurant, and, in fact, any practical subject you might consider.

The guide book has been extensively researched, and meticulously checked to provide you with the most up-to-date, and useful information for whether you’re a new-comer, long-term resident, or visitor. As Amman’s only comprehensive guide, we believe no home, office or hotel room should be without a copy of At Home in Amman.

At Home in Amman has twelve color-coded chapters:

Jordan in Brief.

Moving to Amman.

Getting Settled.

General Services & Information.



Working in Amman.




Sports, Leisure & Culture.

Discovering Amman & Beyond.

In each chapter you will find useful addresses and telephone numbers, interesting fact boxes, great insider tips and attractive color photos, all thoughtfully researched to give you the best sense of everyday life in Amman.  

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