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Published November 24th, 2015 - 12:11 GMT
During the workshop
During the workshop

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently hosted a one-day workshop to highlight and discuss the prevalence of childhood diabetes in Qatar, as well as the latest guidelines for the diagnosis and management of the disease. 

The workshop, entitled Practical Approaches for the Daily Management of Childhood Diabetes: A Workshop, featured scientific presentations and panel discussions. It was attended by more than 60 clinicians, including residents, fellows, senior physicians, endocrinologists, pediatricians and dietitians.

“Diabetes is the most common endocrine and metabolic disorder among children globally. In recent years, the worldwide prevalence of childhood diabetes has risen sharply, irrespective of age, gender and ethnic group,” said Dr. Fawziya Alyafei, Pediatric Endocrine Fellow at HMC.

“The increase has been greater in some regions, including here in the Middle East. In 2015, 103 children have been diagnosed with diabetes here at HMC – 97 with type 1 and 6 with type 2,” added Dr. Alyafei.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that occurs as a result of increased levels of glucose (blood sugar) in the blood. The condition is broadly categorized into two types: type 1, in which the body does not produce any insulin and type 2, in which the body fails to respond to insulin. 

Children diagnosed with diabetes at HMC are most commonly referred from primary health care centers or Pediatric Emergency Centers. While the majority of children diagnosed at HMC have type 1 diabetes, the number of children and young adults affected by type 2 diabetes is rising, particularly with the increase of obesity and improper diets. However, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes can be reduced through diet and weight reduction strategies. 

“We offer highly specialized treatment and management to each and every child with diabetes. The availability of a multidisciplinary team comprising of a pediatric diabetologist, diabetes educator, dietitian, psychologist and social worker, all of whom work collaboratively with the child and his or her  family, ensures these young patients receive the best possible care,” added Dr. Alyafei. 

The interactive workshop was organized by the Pediatric Diabetes Section at Hamad General Hospital (HGH) and aimed to increase awareness of childhood diabetes, and its complications, among clinicians. Healthcare professionals had the opportunity to learn about sick day management, nutrition in diabetes, prevention and management of hypoglycemia and management of diabetic ketoacidosis. 

A diabetes diagnosis can be overwhelming for many parents and caregivers and the need for treatment is almost always immediate. As clinicians we need to ensure the parent or caregiver, or when appropriate the patient, is equipped to manage the disease – learning about insulin injections and ways to manage blood sugar levels,” said Dr. Ahmed El Awwa, Consultant Pediatric Endocrine and Diabetes, HGH. “This workshop, and other ongoing professional development opportunities offered by the Pediatric Diabetes Section, helps clinicians meet the challenges of the evolving healthcare environment.”

The workshop was part of HMC’s World Diabetes Day (WDD) celebrations that started on 14 November and will continue throughout the month. Workshop speakers included: Dr. El Awwa, Dr. Mahmoud Al Zyoud, Consultant Pediatric Endocrine and Diabetes, Dr. Amal Sabt, Consultant, Pediatric Endocrine and Diabetes and Ms. Maya Itani, Pediatric Endocrine and Diabetes Dietitian. For the complete list of events, visit

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