Hospitals in UAE should strive to go paperless

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Published December 17th, 2015 - 08:16 GMT

Canadian Specialist Hospital (CSH), one of the leading private sector hospitals in the UAE, has urged the healthcare sector in the country to go paperless. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) enables hospitals and clinicians to maintain and track data over digital devices to identify and monitor patients for preventive visits, screening and timely intervention.

With the paperless system, authorised persons can update data using the hospital management system anywhere in the hospital so that doctors, nurses and care-givers have quick and easy access to real-time patient information. CSH has won the topmost rating from Dubai Health Authority (DHA) for progress made in electronic documentation in line with international best practices in integrating information technology for improved patient care.

His Excellency Humaid Al Qatami, Chairman of the Board and Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority presented the award to Canadian Specialist Hospital for getting the highest score. The award was collected by Mr. Hussein Anani, COO, Canadian Specialist Hospital.

DHA awarded the hospitals based on their EMRAM score (Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model). EMRAM is accepted globally as an international standard that evaluates the hospital's electronic efforts. The model uses a 0-7 stage scale to rate hospitals based on the extent to which they have adopted a paperless, digital system.

“For hospitals, such accurate and easily accessible data means significant improvements in overall and operations, particularly in terms of workflow, productivity and service quality. EMR has its operational and patient safety benefits. Comprehensive, up-to-date and readily available patient information leads to better diagnosis and treatment as well as improved monitoring of patients. We were committed from day one to go completely digital and we hope the industry also works in this direction.  This will help us all to further propel the country’s healthcare sector,” commented Mr. Anani.

“Since EMR helps more accurate reporting and analysis of services, healthcare providers can address gaps and manage their resources better. Our efforts to implement EMR stems from our commitment to reducing medical errors and providing reliable and efficient patient care in which Canadian Specialist Hospital remains at the forefront,” said Mr. Ali Ghunaim Director of I.T. department.

The digital records also allow convenient sharing of critical patient information among healthcare providers while safeguarding confidentiality and principles of medical ethics.  The EMRAM model provides for access controls on patient data while patients are entitled to get a copy of their medical record and also understand how it is used and shared.

Recently, CSH was reaccredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), the world’s largest healthcare accreditor, in recognition of the hospital’s continuing commitment to evidence-based medicine, quality assurance, medical ethics and patient safety, and the reduction of medical errors. First accredited in 2011, CSH won the mandatory reaccreditation from JCI in 2014 after a rigorous assessment of the hospital’s level of compliance to quality standards.

Canadian Specialist Hospital provides a wide range of medical services and houses some of the most advanced surgical facilities in Dubai. Continuous development and investment in technology, medical expertise and support facilities have contributed to the hospital’s current stature as one of the preeminent medical institutions in the Middle East.

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Canadian Specialist Hospital

Canadian Specialist Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in Dubai and the institution of choice for referrals from small and medium-sized medical centers that lack some of the specialized diagnostic and treatment facilities. CSH has grown to become one of the most advanced and comprehensive healthcare institutions in the region.

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