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Published June 20th, 2017 - 08:13 GMT
HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus embodies the Leica spirit of pursuing extreme perfection.
HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus embodies the Leica spirit of pursuing extreme perfection.

One out of three people use the rear camera on their smart phones to take portrait photos, according to consumer research, which shows that taking portrait shots is now one of the most prominent uses of smart phone cameras.

However, a good portrait shot is very different from a simple photo of a person, both in terms of visual presentation and artistic effects.  The dual-lens “color + B/W” camera was first used on HUAWEI P9 and now, HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus joined hands with Leica again and presented the Leica portrait mode, redefining the smart phone portrait shots.

HUAWEI P series has always been pursuing outstanding capability of expression, and the new HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus carries on with this commitment and develops five capabilities to inject expression and emotion to every portrait, which are, bokeh effect, facial contour effect, Leica colors, monochrome and zooming.

ΠNo Bokeh, No Portrait

The bokeh has two functions: 1. making the foreground stand out and the subject prominent; 2. blurring the background with layered but clear flare shapes.

HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus also adopts the “color + B/W” dual-lens structure, differentiating its cameras from the flat “bokeh” phones. P10 boasts the binocular ranging capability that is similar to human eyes, and therefore is able to capture the distance from every point in the photo to the phone, restoring the depth-of-field of the real world in the photo. Meanwhile, the HUAWEI proprietary ISP chip has powerful data processing capability and completes all tasks at the very moment when you press the shutter button, including the image information collection, measurement, integrating and saving, successfully making “make every shot a cover shot”.

 No Contour, No Portrait

As the expert in portrait shots, HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus does not make any compromise in the delivery and introduces the “three-step contour” to create the perfect look:

The first step is the new 3D face detection system that measures the contour of the face. The dual-lens camera and the ISP chip embedded in the Kirin 960 processor measure the depth at 190 specific points that mark the features of every face and calculate the contour information in 3D.

The second step is the new smart fill light technology that simulates the fill effect in professional studios. The dual-lens sensor collects the light information on the face and the background, and then tracks the light information to highlight the forehead, nasal bridge and both cheekbones (the T shape) and darken the facial edges naturally in order to contour the face and make it look smaller.

The last step is the smart skin enhancement algorithm. Partnering with HUAWEI French Aesthetics Research Center, HUAWEI provides enhancement solutions customized for different races, skin tones and facial structures based on a research on over 100 faces, an analysis on the silhouettes of different parts of the word and the suggestions from profession make-up artists.

Ž No Leica Style, No Portrait

No Leica style, no color.

The “German Style” of Leica has always been a legend among photography enthusiasts. But what is the Leica style to ordinary consumers?

The Leica style, in a nutshell, is the sharpness of the image and the well-accommodated details in the dark, the bloom, the transcendence, the airiness, the bright and full right and blue, the natural transition among colors and a hint of dark corners.

During Huawei’s joint design and testing phase with Leica, Huawei reached agreements with Leica engineers that the color tone of P10 portrait mode should be a balance of the German Charm and the special demands of portraits. The color of P10 shots is accurate, rich, and composed with lingering allure.

 No Black-and-white, No Portrait

Photography enthusiasts would know that in the most influential photographer agency Magnum, 80% of the photographers are loyal B/W lovers in the last 70 years. B/W is all about the original feeling and depth of the objects. The quality and layers of the light and shade become prominent when other hues are eliminated.

 No Zoom, No Portrait

The truth is, there are many occasions in life when you cannot get close enough, such as during a speech or watching a ceremony. Especially for photography enthusiasts, they struggle between fixed-focus lens and zoom lens. Fixed-focus usually means better image quality, but the frame is sometimes limited by the distance. Zoom lens is less limited by the distance and has more freedom to frame the photos, but the image quality may be compromised.

In order to satisfy the demanding photographers who, want both image quality and freedom of composition, Leica managed to develop the TRI-ELMAR series, lenses that have three focal lengths, which became a legend once they were in the market.

HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus embodies the Leica spirit of pursuing extreme perfection. Under Portrait Mode, P10/P10 Plus offers two focal lengths for the dual-lens camera and delivers consistently excellent image quality between 1.1X to 1.9X. Every frame, regardless of the distance, is a treat for the eye.

With the five capabilities, bokeh effect, facial contour effect, Leica colors, monochrome and zooming, the consistent technology from HUAWEI P series, the harsh equipment processing standards and the long-term photography technology experience, the all new HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus is without doubt the well-deserved “Guru” of portrait shots. It will make every shot a cover shot.

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