Hyundai Invests in Human Intuition Technology for Self-Driving Cars

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Published October 29th, 2018 - 10:19 GMT
Hyundai CRADLE is the Center for Robotic-augmented Design in Living Experiences.
Hyundai CRADLE is the Center for Robotic-augmented Design in Living Experiences.

Hyundai’s CRADLE venturing and open innovation business has announced an investment in US-based tech start-up, Perceptive Automata, to develop artificial intelligence (AI) software for self-driving cars.

Perceptive Automata has developed software that gives autonomous vehicles the ability to understand the state-of-mind of people they meet while on the road. With the software installed, autonomous vehicles can anticipate what pedestrians, cyclists and motorists might do next.

“We are ecstatic to have an investor on board like Hyundai that understands the importance of the problem we are solving for self-driving cars and next-generation driver assistance systems,” said Sid Misran, co-founder and CEO of Perceptive Automata. “Hyundai is one of the biggest automakers in the world and having them back our technology is incredibly validating.”

The core technology takes vehicle sensor data that shows interactions with people, using that to train deep learning models to interpret human intentions the same way other people do. This gives machines unprecedented human-like intuition, helping them make rapid judgements based on the likely intentions and awareness of people on the street.

For example, if a pedestrian begins to cross the street but sees the approaching car and decides to stop and ‘wave’ it on, an autonomous vehicle without the software would stop and wait. Perceptive Automata’s technology can read the pedestrian’s intent and pass this information to the autonomous system’s decision-making module. 

“One of the biggest hurdles facing autonomous vehicles is the inability to interpret the critical visual cues about human behavior that human drivers can effortlessly process,” said John Suh, vice president of Hyundai CRADLE. “Perceptive Automata is giving the AV industry the tools to deploy autonomous vehicles that understand more like humans, creating a safer and smoother driving experience.”

Hyundai CRADLE is the Center for Robotic-augmented Design in Living Experiences. CRADLE strengthens Hyundai Motor Group’s core automotive business and expands it into new and adjacent markets with the goal of enhancing transportation on and off the road.

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