IBQ sponsors the 7th Masters Cricket Tournament

Press release
Published December 14th, 2011 - 12:05 GMT

IBQ announced recently its sponsorship of the Masters Cricket Tournament for the 7th year running. The highly-awaited sports event will bring together Qatar’s top cricket players to compete in 98 matches starting on January 6, 2012 at the Doha West Bay Cricket Complex. The 7th season of the tournament registered a record high number of participants with 40 teams of 15 multinational players each – amongst which are three new entries by the Opera Cricket Team, the Tulukota Cricket Team and the Al Jazeera Cricket Team -  battling it out for the coveted title at the Grand Finale on March 16, 2012.

The Crickets Masters has been organised by the Qatar Veterans Cricket League ever since the year 1988 with four Day Tournaments and one Night Floodlit Tournament annually. The Qatar Veterans Crickets League Organising Committee comprises 11 members who dedicate the time and effort, on an honorary basis, to see every season coming to a huge success.

George Nasra, Managing Director of IBQ said: “We’re very happy to be a partner with the Qatar Veterans Cricket League for the seventh consecutive year. The Qatar Cricket Masters is a calendar sports event awaited by many with considerable acclaim received from a large audience representing different walks of our community. At IBQ, we firmly believe in our role as a player in both the economic and the social fabrics of the country and therefore we continuously look to spearhead or sponsor programmes that aim at supporting our society, developing talent and awarding existing sportsmen.”

Mohamed Ikhlas Farid, Founder of the Qatar Veterans' Cricket Leaguesaid: “The 7th edition of this great tournament is a solid testament to the immense success of such sports games in Qatar. The Crickets Masters is the platform for all cricket professionals in Qatar to compete for a very prestigious title.  Having a highly recognised partner, such as IBQ, on board has had a considerable impact on the commendable achievements we have accomplished so far. We thank them for their unfaltering support and we look forward to welcoming all Doha cricket fans to another memorable season of the IBQ Cricket Masters.”