IKEA Kuwait ensures exceptional quality across all its products

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Published January 9th, 2012 - 07:33 GMT

Wonder why IKEA Kuwait is always the first choice in a consumers mind for more functional, long-term and sturdy furniture?

The answer is simple but the process the furniture goes through is not. Achieving the highest standard of quality in every item manufactured is IKEA’s ultimate goal. ‘Low prices for low quality ‘does not apply to IKEA Kuwait’s nature of business, whereas, low and affordable prices for functional and well-designed furniture has always been the characteristic that sets IKEA apart from the rest.

To ensure that they endure the rigors of daily use over a long period of time , products are developed within a set of European and international quality standards and are tested to fulfill or surpass the standards IKEA product designers work hand in hand with IKEA product developers, purchasers and manufacturers to guarantee the safety and efficiency of the stock.

The IKEA test machines put the products through numerous different and tough quality tests while also considering the sustainability and environmental friendly factors.

IKEA Kuwait supports and tests a range of products starting from work chairs, armchairs, kitchen cabinets, beds, sofas to bathroom furnishings.

IKEA has developed state of the art technologically empowered machines to ensure every customer receives the best treatment through its innovative products. This concept has lead IKEA to the forefront of all retail developers locally and globally.

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