IMC Jordan praises Gulf trade mission

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Published December 13th, 2011 - 09:52 GMT

The Institute of Management Consultants and Trainers IMC–Jordan praised the positive results of the Trade Mission, after an official visit to UAE and Oman.

Preceded by a “Business Integration” workshop, the trade mission aimed at stimulating and promoting the Jordanian consulting sector within the GCC, introducing to both public and private sectors the benefits and services provided by its members that could enhance companies’ capabilities and competitiveness.

“Our trade mission succeeded in raising awareness regarding the importance of the consulting sector, its role in developing productivity, and its ability to assist in running projects seamlessly by minimizing technical and management crisis they might face,” said Tamara Abdel Jaber, Chairperson of the Board of Directors IMC–Jordan.

Tamara illustrated that the trade mission embodied the strategic project goals, funded by the European Union (EU) in cooperation with Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO), which aims at developing the consulting sector in Jordan, mainly the much-needed ability to export its services to neighboring countries.

Abdel Jaber praised the efforts and support of both the EU and JEDCO, estimated at 117 thousand Euros, the project is considered vital for IMC-Jordan in the development of its services in order to provide exposure and visibility for its members and enhance their capabilities in providing the regional markets with the necessary Jordanian expertise.

In addition to presentations and sessions, IMC–Jordan exhibited the governing criteria and standards for the sector’s stakeholders, over viewing the “Best Practices,” and “Benefits of Management Consulting” documents drafted by IMC–Jordan to provide the basis for comprehensive occupational standards for the management consulting and training sector.

Additionally, IMC–Jordan presented the “Classification System”, which provides an online data bank enterprises can utilize to determine the consultants they could employ categorized according to experience and specialty.

“This mission embodied the role, status, and objectives of the Institute that aims at organizing the sector according to international standards to ensure a consistent level of services, as a flight from randomness and haphazard practices,” said IMC–Jordan Executive Director, Reema Nasser.

“We had a real chance to introduce the vision and mission of IMC–Jordan to the participants, in addition to gapping the communication bridges between the members and their colleagues in various Arab countries. We motivated and encouraged them to establish similar institutes capable of serving and supporting various sectors, since consulting and training are cornerstones of modern economy,” she added.

It is worth mentioning that the annual income of the Jordanian financial and management consulting, training, and business solutions sector is estimated at USD 220 million, with the Gulf having the largest slice of the Arab cake, albeit a modest one considering the annual income of the global market of the consulting sector is estimated at USD 250 billion. 

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Institute of Management Consultants and Trainers (IMC)

IMC-Jordan, established in 1995, is a private not-for-profit association concerned with organizing and upgrading the management consulting and training professions,
training of management consultants, and certifying eligible members to the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation.

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