ITG is awarded the UN women “Gender Equity Seal”, and achieves first place

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Published October 30th, 2013 - 08:43 GMT

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) was awarded the Gender Equity Seal by the UN Women Organization, on Oct 24-2013, and ranked first among all participating companies -as found by the Organization's audit committee-, for adopting and implementing fair employment policies, procedures and practices that ensure equal opportunity and gender equity. 

The GES was launched in Jordan by UN Women in mid-2012, and ITG was the first IT company to sign up to it, based on its belief of the significant role of such programs in the advancement of women’s participation in the workforce. Over the course of the program, UN Women has organized a number of workshops and training sessions for participating companies. The GES program focuses on helping companies entrench gender equity and overall equal opportunity practices within their policies and procedures, and be reflected within their overall strategies and daily operations.  

Commenting on this award, ITG’s VP/ Business Development Ms. Batoul Ajlouni said: "We are so proud to have been awarded the GES Seal, and I would like to thank the UN Women team for their efforts and contribution.” She added “Women have a major role in the advancement of societies, and forming half of the population, they should have a much higher contribution to the economy. Batoul highlights:"ITG is an equal opportunity company and has always been a promoter of gender equity. In fact, , while the country average of women participation in the workforce across sectors is around 14%, ITG’s staff includes 35% women on average. With this program however, we intend to improve this rate even further, and more importantly, increase women’s participation in leading roles at the company.” 

The Gender Equity Seal issued by the UN Women Organization, is an initiative that seeks to institutionalize gender equity through embedding equality in poloicies and procedures, to facilitate equal opportunities in access to jobs, work conditions, as well as professional development, training, and participation in decision-making processes.

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Integrated Technology Group (ITG)

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