WIPO, ASIP & IPPD Jordan seminar on innovation support through access to technological Knowledge concludes

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Published July 12th, 2012 - 05:02 GMT
During the seminar
During the seminar

The World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO in cooperation with the Arab Society for Intellectual Property ASIP and the Industrial Property Protection Directorate IPPD /Ministry of Industry and Trade organized at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Business Forum a Sub-Regional Seminar on Innovation Support through Access to Technological Knowledge and the Establishment of Technology and Innovation Support Centers TISCs.

The three-day seminar, inaugurated by Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, ASIP chairman, aimed at promoting patent and technology information retrieval from databases, demonstrating the practical advantages of using Intellectual Property (IP) information and exchanging experience in developing innovation support networks in the Arab region countries.

High ranking participants representing national patent offices from six countries and experts involved in promotion and use of patent and technology information and representatives of science and technology research centers took part in the venue and tackled various topics related to patents.

Mr. Samer Al Tarawneh, counselor at WIPO discussed issues related to patent filing and grant procedures and conditions for filing a patent.

Dr. Lina Haddad, IPPD official, underlined patent filing and innovation support services in Jordan and procedures carried out by Jordan Patent Office.

Meanwhile, Mr. Robert Stembridge from the UK, addressed means for using patent classification, particularly the International Patent Classification IPC for Searching in addition to patent search using Espacenet.

ASIP Manager, Mr. Mutasem Dmour expressed his satisfaction with the great interaction and magnitude of specialized and technical information raised during the seminar.

“The participants highly commended the advanced level of information and expertise displayed, and they also appreciated the opportunity to be informed directly of the practices of patent offices in the Arab countries in the presence of WIPO experts,” Dmour said.

Topics discussed also included: Promotion of Innovation: Usefulness and Value of Patent Information for Developing Business, Academic and Technological Sectors, WIPO’s Technology and Innovation Support Center TISC Project; The Access to Specialized Patent Information ASPI Program, Patent Search Using PATENTSCOPE, Patent Search Using the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s USPTO, Patent Full-Text Database PatFT and AppFT, and Searching the Research 4Life Databases: HINARI, AGORA, OARE and ARDI. 

Background Information

Ministry of Industry and Trade Jordan

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply has been known throughout its long history by different names. It was called The Ministry of Trade, The Ministry of Economy and Trade and The Ministry of National Economy, until it settled on the name, The Ministry of Industry and Trade since 1975 until now.
According to its law number 18 for the year 1998, the Ministry takes on the responsibilities of regulating the industry by type, classifying and registering it according to an internal regulation, and preparing the programs and studies that work on developing the industry and increasing its competitiveness.

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization

The Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) is the largest global group of professional service firms in the fields of Accounting , External Audit, Internal Audit, Corporate Governance, Taxation, Educational Consultancy, Economic and Strategic Studies, Management Advisory Services, Professional and Technical Training, Technology Transfer Project Management, Real Estate Management, Investors and Business Advisory Services, Human Resources and Recruitment Services, E-Government, E-Commerce, E-Education, IT and Security Audit, Web Design, Professional Interpretation and Translation, Website Arabization, Domain Names Registration, ICT Strategic Planning, ERP Consulting Services, IT and Internet Skills Training and Examinations, Intellectual Property News Agency, IP Business and Asset Valuation and Branding Services, IP Registration and Protection, Intellectual Property Renewals, IPR Protection and Management, Legal Services, and Public Offering.

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