Jordanian Integrated Technology Group showcases its education solutions at the Southern African ICT for education summit 2012

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Published January 23rd, 2012 - 08:27 GMT
Integrated Technology Group
Integrated Technology Group

In its efforts to expand its offerings to new and emerging markets worldwide, leading software solutions provider Integrated Technology Group (ITG), will participate in the Southern African ICT for Education Summit 2012, taking place at the Elephant Hills Resort, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, from January 26 - 27, 2012.

Held under the official patronage of the Zimbabwe Ministry of Education, Sports Arts and Culture, the Southern African ICT for Education Summit 2012 represents an ideal opportunity to “leapfrog” stages of development by building a skilled and ICT literate workforce. The summit will focus on key areas for establishing partnerships and procurement between the ministries of education and the private sector: The event offers the opportunity to engage with ministers and senior officials for education and higher education from the 15 member countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

“We live in an increasingly diverse, globalized, and complex, media-saturated world. And it is our mandate to raise awareness on the importance of investment in ICT for Education.” ITG President & CEO Mr. Walid Tahabsem said.  “21st century education is witnessing a paradigm shift. Reinventing schools to accommodate to the rapidly changing world filled with new challenges and new possibilities is a must. ITG’s EduWave Platform not only provides the tools to manage daily schooling activities, but also molds our children’s thinking to adapt to real-life requirements by building intrigued, skilled and ICT literate workforce. We are here today to raise that awareness and share our humbling experience in the application of ICT in Education through our success stories with Ministries of Education and Higher-Ed institutes”.

Throughout the 2-day event, ITG will demonstrate its vision of eLearning and Educational Management through its revolutionary suite of comprehensive solutions and services; the award winning e-learning and educational management platform, EduWave and EduWave EMIS in addition to its e-content development services provided by ITG’s specialized subsidiary JAID Productions. ITG’s President & CEO will also be speaking at the eLearning and Educational Management Panel session.

EduWave is a comprehensive web-based e-learning & educational management platform fully developed by Integrated Technology Group. The solution currently serves around 12 million users in various countries including countrywide deployments in Jordan, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, in addition other deployments in Oman, Syria and the U.S. The international award winning solution, EduWave serves as a unique model for 21st century education. It is available in two editions (K-12) and (Higher-Ed), and includes Learning Management (LMS), Content Management (CMS), Instructional Management (IMS), and Student Information (SIS/SMS) and Registration systems all seamlessly integrated in one solution. Based on international industry standards, EduWave is a flexible and customizable solution, and is uniquely designed to effectively handle large scale and countrywide deployments serving millions of users. 

Background Information

Integrated Technology Group (ITG)

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) is an international, dynamic, innovative and technology-driven company that operates through three regions: ITG Middle East, ITG America, and ITG Africa.

The firm's strength lies in its vision, which hinges on technological innovations and the ability to identify potential business frontiers well ahead of the competition.


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