Joseph Sassoon Group Extends its Operations in Africa

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Published February 24th, 2022 - 08:16 GMT
Joseph Sassoon Group Extends its Operations in Africa
Michel Lobé Ewané , board member of the company
Joseph Sassoon Group, a New York based leading global financial services group, appoints of Michel Lobé Ewané as board member of the company.

Joseph Sassoon Group, a New York based leading global financial services group, appoints of Michel Lobé Ewané as board member of the company. The former editor in chief of Forbes Afrique, who recently stepped down from the magazine will represent Joseph Sassoon Group’s interest in Africa.

His duties will include promoting the company, its interest and activities in the African market and to governments and regulators throughout the continent. The new board member will help source investments, financing, and other business development and revenue generating opportunities for the company. In addition, Mr Lobé Ewané will act as spokesperson for Joseph Sassoon Group with the media both in and out of Africa.

Michel Lobé Ewané is a renowned Cameroonian journalist, with a long and successful career in first class international media. His earlier career included reporting for Radio France International (RFI) and TV producer for TV5 Monde in France. Mr Lobé Ewané moved to London in 1999 where he was senior producer for BBC World service. He was later hired in 2012 by the leading business magazine Forbes to be editor of Forbes Afrique, the francophone edition for Africa, with a coverage spanning over 23 countries in Africa, plus France, Belgium and Switzerland. 

In 2021 Michel Lobé Ewané was appointed Royal advisor to Sheikh Al Qassimi of Dubai where he received a Leadership Excellence Award from the Royal Office of Sheikh Al Qassimi. Mr. Lobé Ewané is the author of “Etre milliardaire en Afrique aujourd’hui” (Being a billionaire in Africa today) to be release later this year in Paris.

Background Information

Joseph Sassoon Group

Joseph Sassoon Group is a multinational full-service investment management and merchant banking firm based in New York with presence in Tel Aviv, and Cyprus and Singapore. The group is the result of entrepreneurial and innovative family enterprises. A philosophy driven approach that gives the Group independence and courage to develop long-term vision and identify opportunities.

Joseph Sassoon Group is the continuation to a line of successor merchant and banking firms starting  as Ibn Shoshan Frères & Co established in 1512.The firm has been in family control for 20 generations, constituting a history of over 500 years experience and innovation at the center of global trade and financial markets.  The corporate predecessors provided financing for some of the most iconic and impactful projects in the word:

  • Construction of the Suez Canal in 1854
  • The first rail in the Ottoman Empire; and
  • Cofounding of the National Bank of Egypt and Banque du Caire

Today the company is the world oldest privately owned investment firms with deep expertise spanning in investment, asset management, investment banking and corporate finance and private banking.

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