The Key to Surprises Gave Away Two Jeep Cars and Other Valuable Prizes to Red Sea Mall Visitors

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Published July 9th, 2018 - 08:25 GMT
During the event
During the event

The "Win the Key to Surprises" campaign, launched by Red Sea Mall in Jeddah, concluded yet another successful campaign by offering two Jeep cars and hundreds of valuable gifts to the winners. The campaign, which started on 7th of Ramadan and lasted until 25th Ramadan 1439 Hijri, attracted thousands of visitors. Mr. Thamer Hamoud Al-Khuraiji and Mrs. Hiba Issam Jalloun were the grand prize winners of the two Jeeps and many other winners received valuable prizes including smart phones, TVs and shopping vouchers offered by the stores in the mall.

Commenting on the conclusion of the "Win the Key to Surprises" campaign, the executive member of Red Sea Markets Limited, owning company of Red Sea Mall, Eng. Aidrous Al Bar, said: "We were pleased with the huge turnout and popularity of the innovative campaign in terms of the concept and execution, including the participation of the stores in the mall. I am very pleased to sincerely thank all those who contributed to the success of this campaign, reaffirming the status of Red Sea Mall, that is considered an active partner in the community through its initiatives, activities and unique programs that are centered around rewarding and benefiting various segments of society. We are thrilled that our Ramadan campaign achieved the desired goal, which is why we have extended the campaign under the name ‘Win the Red Sea Mall Cup’, to be centered around the 2018 World Cup in Russia.”

“We have been successful in choosing an initiative that played a major role in the participation of the stores within the mall as well as the interaction of mall visitors. This unique campaign is exceptional at the level of retail centers and at the level of competitions in general. It also enables us to bring joy and pleasure to visitors in this holy month of Ramadan through giving out thousands of gifts for the duration of the campaign. We reiterate our enthusiasm to provide the best for the mall’s visitors to increase interaction and attract more visitors” said Mohammed Alasiri, Marketing Manager at Red Sea Mall.

The mall had assigned 300 boxes containing 300 valuable gifts as part of the campaign. The participants were divided into three categories, and each category had a specific range of numbers depending on the value of the receipts. The boxes numbered 1 to 150 belonged to the third category for value of receipts ranging between SR 250 – 499, while the boxes numbered 151 to 270 belonged to the second category for value of receipts ranging between SR 500 – 1599. The boxes numbered 271 to 300 belonged to the first category for value of receipts exceeding the amount of SR 1500. The grand prizes of the two Jeep cars were eligible for any category as the keys were placed randomly.

A large number of participants in the campaign expressed their appreciation for the management of Red Sea Mall for creating innovative and interactive social programs such as this campaign. They also praised the management for creating a competitive environment for the visitors and providing equal opportunities to win through the lockers which were described as extremely fun. Futoun, a first-time participant, said: "It's a unique and wonderful new idea deserving of appreciation, I haven’t seen anything like it before and I really enjoyed it. I hope it will be implemented more than once because it deserves to be repeated,". Jawhara, another participant of the competition, said: "The exciting Ramadan atmosphere encouraged everyone to participate in the campaign, I personally participated twice hoping to win the grand prize, but luck was not on my side. I hope that this competition will be repeated with all the outlets participating to please the mall’s visitors who consider Red Sea Mall a leading and beautiful destination for the city of Jeddah. I congratulate and thank the mall’s management for organizing such a wonderful campaign."

Following the success that Red Sea Mall achieved with the “Win the Key to Surprises” campaign, Red Sea Markets Limited decided to extend the competition under the name “Win the Red Sea Mall Cup”, which coincides with the start of the World Cup.

Background Information

Red Sea Mall

Red Sea Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers at Jeddah City, it is located at the northern suburbs on Malik Road. The mall has 242,200 square meters built area, having a five star hotel, seven story office building, and both external and undercover parking areas all of which are linked to the 18 entrances of the mall thus facilitating easy access to the mall. 
Red Sea Mall has chosen specialized designers to provide all the required services to our visitors, so they can enjoy pleasant shopping trips. Moreover, Red Sea Mall is a blend of international and local brands, has variety options of restaurants, cafes , and diners, and provide entertainment to the youth and children.

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