Khalifa University Assistant Professor publishes a book on China and the Middle East

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Published February 24th, 2013 - 07:45 GMT
Book Cover
Book Cover

Khalifa University Assistant Professor, Dr. Muhamad Olimat, has recently published a book with Routledge Publishing House entitled China and the Middle East: From Silk Road to Arab Spring.

The book, which is available on Amazon and Routledge websites, focuses on relations between China and the Middle East in a historical context. It highlights some of the most important events that characterize the ties between China and the Middle East, and examines their current relations in key areas that include energy security, trade, arms sales, culture and political ties. It also examines bilateral relations between China and some key Middle Eastern countries, among them the United Arab Emirates, which serves as a primary business hub for Chinese industries.

The UAE is the home of China’s biggest industrial complex outside China, the Dragon Mart, a home of over 3000 Chinese companies, and the home of one of the largest Chinese business communities worldwide, estimated at over 200,000 Chinese nationals. The book is described by reviewers and academics as a landmark, in the sense that it lays strong foundations for a new field of studies and research in Sino-Middle Eastern Studies.

Dr. Olimat is an Assistant Professor of Middle East Politics and International Relations for the Institute for International and Civil Security, at Khalifa University. His area of expertise is Middle East politics and US foreign policy toward the Middle East. His research interests are in the political development of the Middle East, and the international political economy of the region.

Dr. Olimat has published several articles and book chapters on the region and he has done extensive research on China and the Middle East especially in the area of energy security. His article on the Political Economy of Sino-Middle Eastern Relations is another major contribution to the field of Sino-Middle Eastern Studies. 

“I became interested in the topic of Chinese, Middle East relations in 2005 when I was teaching at Missouri State University, which was the home of some scholars on Chinese studies, also, through my membership in the Association of Chinese Political Studies.” says Dr. Olimat.  “While researching this book I was struck by the depth of the Sino-Middle Eastern relations since the early days of the Silk Road, which occurred around 1000 BC. Currently, China is heavily involved in Middle Eastern relations in the areas of trade, arms sales, energy security, culture and the politics of the Middle East.”

He continued, “I’m grateful to Khalifa University for the opportunity to pursue my research interests. Working here has given me ample opportunity to explore my fields of interest, while teaching and assisting our students in their coursework and research. It has been a wonderful experience.”

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