Legacy of Innovation in Laundry Continues with LG’s Revolutionary TWINWash Technology

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Published March 29th, 2018 - 10:13 GMT
LG’s award winning TWINWash technology has successfully managed to emerge as one among the top successful innovations while creating a new genre within the laundry industry.
LG’s award winning TWINWash technology has successfully managed to emerge as one among the top successful innovations while creating a new genre within the laundry industry.

With a proven track record for offering customers premium lifestyles through quality products and service deliverance, LG is always striving to bring a brighter future for all its consumers. Over the year’s LG has caught the attention of today’s global consumers by delivering value that exceeds customer expectations.

One of the key trends that has caught the attention of reviewers world-wide is the need for large capacity washing machines by consumers. Consumers are open to accommodating larger capacity washing machines paving way for leading home appliance manufacturers like LG to keep upto to the innovation trend.

Commenting on this emerging trend, Kevin Cha, President, LG Electronics, Middle East & Africa said, “With larger capacity washers and their range and popularity grows, the industry is keeping a close watch on whether the increase in size affects reliability, wash performance or time. LG’s award winning TWINWash™ technology has successfully managed to emerge as one among the top successful innovations while creating a new genre within the laundry industry.”

Several global reports have hailed LG as an industry leader time and time again. LG’s home appliances products have outperformed competitor brands when it comes to reliability, while consistently delivering industry firsts like LG’s award-winning TWINWash™ laundry technologies. The innovation, performance and product longevity of TWINWash™ has successfully carved a niche for LG as one of the most trusted appliance brands.

According to a leading U.S. consumer publication, appliance breakage rate estimates in the industry vary across each laundry category – ranging from 10 to 25 percent – based on testing for cleaning, water and energy efficiency, gentleness, speed and noise. LG laundry products earned top reliability scores with the lowest breakage rates as compared with seven other major appliance brands of front-load washing machines & high efficiency top-load washing machines.

LG’s reliability builds a heritage of innovation in the laundry category. A key to LG’s washer dependability is direct drive motor technology pioneered by LG. The LG Direct Drive motor, attached directly to the washer’s drum, is designed to increase both performance and durability. The company was also first to introduce the LG TWINWash™ system that combines two washers – a traditional front load washer and LG SideKick Pedestal Washer – so users can wash two loads at the same time or independently.

From washer type and size, to feature and price, only LG gives users the option to choose the LG TWINWash™ system that’s perfect for them. Consumers can choose any LG front-load washer and add a LG SideKick to enjoy or upgrade an existing front-load model, manufactured after 2009, with an LG SideKick.

That’s not all the revolutionary LG SideKick can be added to select top-load systems for consumers who prefer that style. The LG SideKick pedestal washer is specifically designed to wash small laundry loads including intimates, delicates and active wear. And because the LG SideKick is placed in the pedestal to elevate the main front-load washer, users can enjoy more comfortable loading and unloading of those larger loads reserved for the main washer with less bending and lifting.

Other innovations that make LG laundry solutions best-in-class include: the mega capacity washers with the largest capacity washer in its class** at 5.8 cu. Ft., users can wash a king size comforter and full set of bedding in a single load, the TurboWash® powerful high-pressure nozzles save 30 minutes per load, the steam cleaning technology with LG’s TrueSteam® that gently but powerfully penetrates fabrics to help eliminate dirt, odors and wrinkles, while reducing allergens and last but not the least the 6Motion™ Technology that combines up to six different wash motions to provide a revolutionary cleaning experience.

The washing machine’s Energy Monitoring feature provides helpful data while LG’s proprietary HomeChat™ service is available in the 21kg system allowing users to physically text their washing machine to check the status or even start-up the cycle. The TWINWash™ features an easy to use integrated control panel that gives access to everything one needs right at the fingertips.

Featuring cutting-edge washing machine technology, as well as a sleek, modern design – LG washing machines not only make the clothes look their best – they make the home look brilliant, too.

New models of the TWINWash™ are being made available to consumers today across the Middle East & Africa region. The regular 27-inch LG TWINWash™ washing machines are available in three models: LG TWINWash™ FH0C9CDHK72 [22.5/12 KG], LG TWINWash™ F0K1CHK2T2 [22.5/11 KG], and the LG TWINWash™ F0K2CHK2T2 [21.5/10 KG]. And for those who want the 24-inch LG TWINWash™ there are 2 models available; FH4G1JCH6N [12/7 KG] and LG TWINWash™ FH4G1JCS6 [12 KG].

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