LG Debuts a Revolution in Signage Design With OLED Technology at the Iconic Dubai Mall

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Published August 21st, 2017 - 11:48 GMT
Securing the title of the world’s highest resolution video wall, the display was designed and built using 820 LG Open Frame OLED signage panels.
Securing the title of the world’s highest resolution video wall, the display was designed and built using 820 LG Open Frame OLED signage panels.

LG Electronics (LG) redefined the possibilities of signage design with the recent unveiling of the revolutionary video wall that is now on display at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo – a landmark attraction located in the heart of The Dubai Mall in Dubai, UAE.

Securing the title of the world’s highest resolution video wall, the display was designed and built using 820 LG Open Frame OLED signage panels. This record-breaking achievement was the direct result of the collaboration between LG and Emaar Entertainment – operator of Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

“At LG, our key focus is to constantly innovate and set new standards by which excellence is measured,” said Mr. Kevin Cha, President of LG Electronics, Middle East and Africa. “This achievement cements LG’s position as being a pioneer in OLED technology and strengthens our credibility of being the developers and providers of the most exceptional B2B display solutions available not just in the region but across the world.”

Mr. Cha further expressed his gratitude to Pixcom Technologies - a full-service turn-key solution provider of digital signage, LED Displays, Interactive kiosks solutions - and DigiComm – a leading technology powerhouse for customised digital media solutions - stating that this monumental achievement could not have been possible without their relentless support and  seamless collaboration.

OLED open frame displays are extremely thin and efficient. In fact, the display can emit light without the need of backlighting to create some stellar imaging with the deepest possible blacks that reveal life-like colours, whilst providing wider viewing angles than conventional backlit displays. In addition, the curvature of each screen in combination with others can create a number of design permutations that can transform any static space into a digitally enhanced, highly engaging and potential landmark.

Not only is this screen visually and aesthetically stunning to look at, it also provides a range of opportunities for Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, as well as a host of other companies to showcase their creativity and ingenuity. Companies and brands can develop highly engaging content to display on the LG OLED screen that will captivate residents and tourists providing them with unique experiences that they can share with their family and friends. 

“The LG OLED signage display is just the first step in showing businesses in the region and across the world the future of a highly engaging and creative work environment, said Mr. Cha. “We are at the cusp of a technological revolution where we will soon witness people enhance their levels of creative and productive excellence by being immersed a digital and truly interconnected environment.” 

The versatility of OLED signage display is essentially infinite and we can be certain that we will see more applications of this technology not just at tourist attractions, but in buildings, offices, transportation units and networks, public spaces and more.   

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