LG Electronics Black Glass Top Freezer Gives New Meaning to Cool

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Published July 10th, 2018 - 10:31 GMT
The Fresh 0 Zone compartment is another convenience offered by the Black Glass Top Freezer.
The Fresh 0 Zone compartment is another convenience offered by the Black Glass Top Freezer.

LG Electronics (LG) beats the summer heat with its new Black Glass Top Freezer with LINEAR Cooling™ and DoorCooling+™ technologies. The innovative technologies allow for quicker and more even cooling, keeping your food fresher for longer periods of time. With 50% less fluctuation in temperatures and 35% quicker cooling than conventional cooling systems; the Black Glass Top Freezer sets a new industry standard for home comfort.

LINEAR Cooling™ reduces temperature fluctuation from +/- 1.0◦C to +/- 0.5◦C which plays an integral part in keeping your food fresher for longer. DoorCooling+™ supplements LINEAR Cooling™ by evening out the temperature and reducing the cooling gap between the inner compartment and door side of the refrigerator. In addition, the Black Glass Top Freezer comes with HygieneFresh+™ air filter technology which removes bacteria up to 99.9% and minimizes bad odors via a 5-step layered filtering system.

Mr. Kevin Cha, President of LG Electronics Middle East & Africa commented: “Here at LG we’re constantly looking to push the envelope with respect to what home appliances are capable of. The Black Glass Top Freezer it yet another example of how we can raise the bar and come up with new solutions to make your home life more convenient. Our pioneering technologies are based on decades of experience and a drive to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

The Fresh 0 Zone compartment is another convenience offered by the Black Glass Top Freezer. The compartment is controlled at a temperature of 0◦C making it possible to start cooking without having to waste time defrosting.

For consumers looking for a more environment friendly solution, the Black Glass Top Freezer is also a market leader in energy-efficiency. The Inverter Linear Compressor is more effective and uses less parts than a conventional compressor which means it has lesser friction points resulting in minimal noise. The freezer also uses LED lighting which also uses up less energy and is longer lasting. A conveniently movable ice maker gives you the freedom to customize your space or even remove it should you need more space.

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