LG Electronics introduces its biggest capacity and ultimately different “Titan” steam washer dryer for big families

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Published November 26th, 2013 - 07:14 GMT
Clothes steam washer dryer machines Titan from LG
Clothes steam washer dryer machines Titan from LG

"LG Electronics" recently launched the new generation of its clothes steam washer dryer machines "Titan”. The model comes with a huge capacity of up to 19 kg for washing and 10 kg for drying. Now it is within the reach of Jordanians who wish enjoy and benefit of all its innovative specifications as of mid-November for the current year 2013.

LG’s new (19/10K KG) “Titan” Steam within its category, making it the ideal choice for larger families. Known for its ability to clean and disinfect clothing, it relies on Nano Plasma Ions Technology that removes approximately 99.9% of the main viruses lurking in the air. Moreover, it features an efficiency of class “A” in saving energy and water consumed in laundry, whereby it functions at a higher rate than that offered by the traditional washers and dryers in the market.       

Commenting on this matter, Peter Kwon, LG Electronics Levant General Manager of Home Appliance said "The production of this innovative steam washer dryer is a step forward towards our goal for giving consumers an extra added value that meets their needs in terms of household energy and water consumption management lifestyle. The new "Titan" would play a pivotal role in facilitating the lives of our customers, especially large families, thus changing their lives for the better by enhancing the elements of modern convenience and comfort, and by also granting them the opportunity to practice economic manners by reducing energy and water consumption to the lowest possible point.”

The new model is also supported by the Smart Diagnosis system that enables the user to identify and solve the washer dryer problems quickly and efficiently through their mobile Smartphone’s downloadable application regardless of its model kind. By starting the power button on the washer dryer and placing the Smartphone, which is connected to the service call center, nearest to it, a click on the "Smart Diagnosis™ " icon and continuously press the temperature button for three seconds, to start a series of sounds that are sent to the service center, whereby they will determine the nature of the problem and identify the defect by analyzing the sound via the computer, and find the right solution for it.

The new “TItan” Steam Washer Dryer exceeds the above mentioned features, by also letting customers benefit from 10 years warranty applied on their direct drive motors that are known for their high durability and reliability. In a step where “LG Electronics” meant to reflect its commitment in providing the most premium products in the Jordanian market.

It is worth mentioning that "LG Electronics" is committed to providing environment and health friendly products combining trendy design and smart technologies to deliver high level integrated solutions that elevate the level of the consumers’ everyday lifestyle, reflected on their well-being.

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