LG Focuses on Retrofitting HVAC Systems To Empower Businesses Across MENA

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Published March 22nd, 2021 - 07:23 GMT
LG Focuses on Retrofitting HVAC Systems To Empower Businesses Across MENA
LG Retrofit Technology.
LG Electronics (LG) is showcasing its advanced heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems at the 6th annual Retrofit Tech MENA Summit.

As a global leader in air solutions, LG Electronics (LG) is showcasing its advanced heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems at the 6th annual Retrofit Tech MENA Summit.

Taking place between the 23rd and 24th of March, the summit will unite key decisionmakers and industry leaders to explore avenues for greater energy efficiency and sustainability, made possible largely through retrofitting.

Retrofitting is proving to be a popular choice for decisionmakers, owing to the method’s ability to utilize aspects of existing infrastructure and build upon it. LG’s Life Cycle Cost Analysis Retrofit solution and inverter technology make it possible to anticipate how much a user can save and estimated payback over a given time period.

For those seeking to have reduced impact on the environment and greater affordability, retrofitting enables parts to be recycled and reused within existing frameworks, saving not only initial costs, but also long term operating expenditure. At the Retrofit Tech MENA Summit, LG will showcase its Retrofit Products that provide installation flexibility, Indoor Air Quality & Control feasibility, each of which are designed to cater to specific business environments. Product experts will be on hand to talk about LG’s inverter compressor technology, which works to ensure not only consistent temperature and air flow but has also been proven to offer up to 50% electricity consumption savings when compared with conventional air conditioner compressors.

Over the past year, investing in comprehensive HVAC solutions has proved to be a necessity in ensuring continuity and promoting peace-of-mind. Policymakers across the region and around the world have focused in particular on the importance of air quality and inherently, the need for greater ventilation. To make this possible, building owners and facility managers have looked towards both natural and mechanical ventilation methods, such as using fans and ducts to promote access to improve indoor air quality and comfort.

While businesses have shown their resilience and been fast to invest in the right technological infrastructure to keep afloat, budget reductions are impacting particular aspects of each organization’s focus. With the advent of remote working, e-learning and virtual interactions, investments in HVAC solutions were naturally moved down the change of priority. Yet, as organizations across the Gulf region now experience phased reopening, restoring public confidence to return to physical spaces and remaining compliant with regulations requires greater focus on improving air conditioning units in particular.

At the summit, LG will also be displaying its air purification kits, which can be applied to existing air or new conditioner models. For duct type ACs, the company’s purification kits provide filtration of circulating air, offering a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values) rating of 13 and deploying UV-LED technology to sterilize up to 99.9% of particles and bacteria.

Visitors will also learn more about LG’s air purification technology for non-duct type ACs, such as the Dual Vane model, which uses a powerful 5-step air system to remove odor, germs, and PM 1.0 fine dust.

For greater visibility and convenience, LG air conditioners are compatible with the LG ThinQ mobile application, empowering users to control their cooling systems at any time, from anywhere. The application enables real-time and trend monitoring, providing an indication of energy consumption and indoor fine dust level.

“LG has a longstanding track record of helping businesses adopt more thorough and efficient air solution technology in the region. We have taken onboard valuable insights from the HVAC community and are committed to providing solutions which solve real business challenges, such as reducing operating expenditure and promoting safer physical environments. At the Retrofit Tech MENA Summit, we look forward to meeting local decisionmakers and exploring how we can help elevate their individual business success,” said Mr. Suraj Kumar, Technical Manager – Air Solutions, LG Electronics Gulf.

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