LG Introduces Latest Twinwas in the UAE

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Published September 19th, 2017 - 09:23 GMT

LG Electronics (LG) announces the availability of the latest models of its unrivalled washing machine, the award-winning TWINWash™ – the only machine in the world that can wash two loads of laundry at the same time.

Combining a full-sized, front-loading washer along with a mini washer in its pedestal, the LG TWINWash™ is a revolutionary machine with a revolutionary concept that allows users to save time, space and energy. The latest TWINWash™ models, now available in the UAE, offer ultimate convenience for different families with different washing needs thanks to the different sizes of the main washer that ranges from 22.5kgs of washing to 12kgs of drying capacity.

“Customers in the UAE always look for the most innovative items for the home. And with large families have varying washing requirements with different individual family-member washing needs, the TWINWash becomes the only go-to washing machine in the market thanks to its pioneering design that allows users to wash two loads simultaneously,” said Mr. Yong Geun Choi, President of LG Electronics in the Gulf. 

The LG TWINWash™ generates an entirely new set of washing options. The powerful main washer handles the bulk of the laundry, while the mini washer can be set to run a different wash cycle. Smaller loads can be washed when needed without having to wait until a full wash load has accumulated, saving users time. The mini washer is perfect for delicate or specialized items that require a unique wash setting, such as lingerie or baby clothes.

Offering the most advanced technology for washing, the TWINWash™ features LG’s unique TurboWash™ 2.0 technology that enhances washing performance with nozzles positioned inside the drum of the main washer that spray a concentrated solution of detergent directly onto the clothes while another high-pressure nozzle sprays tiny water particles through the clothes during high spin cycles for more effective rinsing.

LG’s TWINWash™ also offers a 10-year warranty on the Direct Drive Motor, ensuring the best technology for optimized motion combinations for each fabric type. So it delivers powerful washing performance with less damage.

Premium ergonomic design is also a key feature of the LG TWINWash™ with the door of the main washer aligning with the drum’s center, positioned higher than on conventional models and tilted at an angle to make loading and unloading the main drum easier.

Now available at major retailers across the UAE, the newest LG TWINWash™ starts from AED 8,299.00 and comes in three different models (model FH0C9CDHK72, model F0K1CHK2T2, and model F0K2CHK2T2) with a 21.5kg with 12kg dryer, 21.5kg with 11 kg dryer, or 22.5kg washing capacity with 12kg dryer. 

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