LG Offers a Wide Range of Advanced Technological Solutions for Future-Oriented Cities

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Published July 30th, 2018 - 11:10 GMT
LG OLED Tree a the Gitex Techonoly Week
LG OLED Tree a the Gitex Techonoly Week

The growing world population, coupled with rapid economic development has led to an increase in demand for energy, and future-oriented cities are effectively designed as the only comprehensive solution to a possible rise in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. With the growing need for appropriate solutions to reduce these impacts, the idea of creating smart cities that can achieve sustainability and help climate control, is expected to give rise to a far more intelligent, environment friendly and planned community.

Speculations about the future have deep roots in human society. Whether we are optimistic or pessimistic, we all wonder what the future holds, because we want to ensure that future generations inherit a better world. So what do these smart cities look like? It is very easy to answer this question through the city of Neom which is taking shape in line with Saudi Vision 2030: it will be the core of future-oriented cities. This future-oriented city has been designed to integrate energy efficiency with Internet of things technology (IoT) and the latest intelligent transportation as a window to experience the future.

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As the requirements of future-oriented cities are based on a broad imagination and a mind that transforms dreams into reality, LG Electronics was one of the first companies to react to this need and quickly shape this future. It offers a wide range of technological solutions to meet the needs of tomorrow's society, including the energy management systems that work to unify energy efficiency with the best aspects of smart solutions, so as to improve performance and create great benefits. The smart equipment produced by LG features unique compressors and engines, making them products of highest standards in quality. LG’s advanced technology contributes significantly in energy conservation, thus reducing the electric bills. This technology can be considered as a great addition to any energy management system.

LG has set an early goal of providing a better lifestyle for consumers by promoting innovation and improving energy efficient range of products. The race for technological innovations continues without neglecting the aesthetics and the ease of use – from ambition and expertise to practical innovation and realistic vision: all the diverse requirements of the society are met. LG products combine state-of-the-art technologies and world-class designs to match the specific details that the modern-day community dreams of today. The technological development and the design splendor, complemented with ease of use, is a vision brought to life by LG products, that offers stylish range of products, including a stunning lineup of premium OLED Display TVs, which experts consider the best for its advanced display technology.

The television technology industry has progressed considerably and its evolution has not only changed the way entertainment was consumed but has also changed the way information is presented. With the artificial intelligence feature taking shape in the near future, LG TVs will be able to learn usage patterns and automatically change the display format to suit the user preferences and will be able to receive instructions from multiple users through digital home help systems.

Based on its ThinQ strategy, LG products have been developed on the advancement of DeepThinQ platform, ranging from mobile to home Appliances, which offer a comprehensive user experience, featuring a wide range of technologies and solutions from the latest in its Artificial Intelligence Platform.

The robots and automated systems will be a vital part of smart cities. With many expecting to see robots for the first time in public areas, it is a matter of time before it becomes affordable and available to the average family. LG is at the forefront of the robots revolution, with an unrivaled array of real solutions and future-oriented concepts.

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