Lulu Supermarket Signs as Anchor Tenant at New Burj Nahar Mall in Deira, Dubai

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Published December 5th, 2017 - 06:17 GMT
The 27,000 sq ft LuLu Supermarket will be part of the mixed-use development which comprises a residential tower of 200 apartments.
The 27,000 sq ft LuLu Supermarket will be part of the mixed-use development which comprises a residential tower of 200 apartments.

Al Majid Property Company LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai-based conglomerate Juma Al Majid Group, announced today that it has signed an agreement with LuLu Group International for a LuLu Supermarket to be the anchor tenant at the Burj Nahar Mall, a new 240,000 sq ft shopping mall located in the busy neighborhood of Al Muteena in Deira that is scheduled to open in late 2018.

The 27,000 sq ft LuLu Supermarket will be part of the mixed-use development which comprises a residential tower of 200 high quality apartments, and the Burj Nahar Mall which will feature 84 fashion, footwear, entertainment, restaurant, and café tenants.

Moustafa Moussa, Executive Director, Juma Al Majid Group, Properties commented: “LuLu Supermarket is a brand synonymous with quality and value combined with a world class shopping experience, which is why we are pleased to be partnering with the Lulu group to bring the brand to Burj Nahar Mall. Having LuLu Supermarket as our anchor tenant will not only add value to the residents of the mixed-use development, but it will also cater to the needs of nearby residents and businesses.”

Salim M.A, Director, LuLu Group International added: “Deira, and in particular the good location of Burj Nahar Mall are strong catchment areas for LuLu Supermarket shoppers, which is why we made the decision to partner with Al Majid Property. The project is extremely attractive from a retail point of view because of its focus on accessibility, supply ample parking, high visibility and variety of retail tenant types, as well as being a mixed-use development. We look forward to a successful partnership with Al Majid Property and attracting a healthy footfall to garner strong loyalty among customers."

The agreement was signed between Mr. Moustafa Moussa, Executive Director, Juma Al Majid Group, Property and Mr. Salim M.A, Director , LuLu Group International in the presence of other company officials at the Juma Al Majid Group Owned, Jood Palace Hotel in Dubai.

Background Information

LuLu Group International

LuLu Group International today is a highly diversified entity with operations spanning a vast geographical landscape. Spearheaded by the retail division, the Group has interests in Imports & Exports, Trading, Shipping, IT, Travel & Tourism and Education.

A true follower of ethical business practices, the Group is a key partner in the development of the community.

Juma Al Majid Group

Born of one man's vision, enterprise and drive, the Juma Al Majid group of companies had a modest start in the year 1950. After the passage of half a century, Mr. Juma Al Majid, founder and chairman, still remains the guiding light and inspirational force behind the organization's phenomenal success.
His simple but highly effective philosophy of satisfying customers, small or big, through a mix of honesty, integrity and social awareness has become ingrained in all aspects of the business and is truly responsible for the group's unrivaled success.
During the early years, the organization was primarily involved in trading activities. As the Emirates strengthened themselves into a single nation, a pressing need was felt to diversify in to other areas of commercial activity to contribute to the fledging nation's economy. For this, heavy investment was undertaken in the core sector of construction which has in the long run benefited both the country as well as the group.
Juma Al Majid partnership ventures' operate in the fields of shipping, construction, food-Imports, general trading, travel and other industries. The group is also active in financial investments and portfolio management across the region and globally.
With the growth of Dubai as the commercial hub of the region, the group has emerged a strong leader in all fields of its endeavor and is poised for even greater challenges and achievements that await it in the future.

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