MBRSC Launches Emirates Space Art Programme in Collaboration with Jsoor

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Published September 22nd, 2021 - 07:46 GMT
MBRSC Launches Emirates Space Art Programme in Collaboration with Jsoor
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The programme aims to document and bring fresh perspectives to the UAE’s journey of space exploration through artists and their works

In collaboration with Jsoor, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) today announced that it has launched the Emirates Space Art Programme (ESAP), that will uniquely document, capture, and share the emotions of the UAE’s historical advances into space through the culture & creative industries, leaving a valuable legacy that future generations and the world can connect with. 

ESAP will serve as a platform to bring together a wide stratum of the creative community into the National Space Programme to present the UAE’s journey of space exploration in a new light through artworks and other creative mediums. This will further enhance the engagement and connection of the community and the youth with the UAE’s space journey and also make a significant contribution to the history of Emirati and global art. 

Salem AlMarri, Deputy Director General, MBRSC said, “With the UAE’s rapid growth and achievements in the space sector, now is a great time to explore the artistic representations of our journey through a range of artistic styles, mediums and techniques. This will not only enable us to reach a wider global audience but also speak in a language that is universally recognised and accepted.”

He added: “Through the works of artists, we will be able to witness the varied interpretation of our nation’s growing achievements in space. These artworks can be used to tell a story that will have great value for future generations and will also significantly contribute to the enrichment of Emirati art.”

MBRSC has signed a strategic partnership with Jsoor, a locally based private social enterprise that aims to contribute to the growth of the culture & creative industry in the UAE, to implement the programme. The partnership covers strategy & programme development and customisation as well as its oversight. 

Omar Al Shunnar, Founder of Jsoor said: “We are very honoured and pleased to be working with MBRSC on this first-of-a-kind innovative program that aims to celebrate the accomplishments of the nation through the culture & creative industries”.

Omar added: “To ensure alignment of ESAP with the aspirations of the leadership and the objectives of the UAE and the creative community, we will continually engage key public and private stakeholders within the local culture & creative industries’ community to ensure that the programme is comprehensive and inclusive in delivering its mandate”.

By enriching connections between science, art and the community whilst celebrating the achievements of the UAE in space, the Emirates Space Art Programme will foster continued conversation and engagement around the National Space Programme.

Background Information

Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre

MBRSC was established by the Dubai Government to serve as one of the main pillars to drive the establishment of the knowledge economy and sustainable development in the UAE. It is a scientific centre that specialises in space science and advanced technology. Launching ambitious projects, the centre works to develop generations of Emirati engineers according to the highest scientific standards.

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