Mental health care service at HMC helps young man live a normal life

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Published October 2nd, 2016 - 10:43 GMT
Mohamed Alswaieh
Mohamed Alswaieh

The successful treatment of 23 year-old Mohamed Alswaieh is a great testimony to the benefit of receiving good treatment for mental health problems to either cure the condition or help manage people’s symptoms so they can still live a good and healthy life.

Mohamed, who sustained a head injury in an automobile crash at the age of seven and later developed bipolar disorder as a result of the accident, recently completed seven years of successful treatment through the Mental Health Service at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). He has been leading a normal life and now holds a regular job.

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. People with bipolar disorder experience periods of unusually intense emotion, changes in sleep patterns and activity levels, and unusual behaviors. These distinct periods are called “mood episodes” which are very different from the person’s typical moods and behaviors. Extreme changes in energy, activity, and sleep are often part of the mood episodes.

Since regaining his health, Mohamed has been talking about his journey with mental illness. “My father and I were in a very serious car crash when I was seven years old and I suffered a severe head injury. I travelled to Germany for treatment following the crash however, when I was 16, my psychological situation deteriorated and for three consecutive years I couldn’t travel home to Tunisia where I normally spend my summer vacations,” he recalled. “I had mood swings, crying spells, and I was always very afraid. With these symptoms, I first went to Hamad General Hospital and was referred to the specialized Mental Health facility where I received professional care for a period of time.”

“After a few years, I decided to stop receiving treatment and began to exercise and eat healthily instead for a whole year. Unfortunately, as a result of discontinuing my treatment without professional advice, I experienced a relapse and my mental health deteriorated so much that that I failed high school. I suffered from depression and kept having negative thoughts that were quite frightening. I did not however allow myself to despair and decided to seek professional help again. I made the decision to go to the hospital and ask for help to cope with my bi-polar disorder and I’m so glad that I did not continue to suffer alone,” added Mohamed.

Despite his worsening condition, Mohamed did not despair and he returned to hospital for further treatment. Following a ten-month hospitalization period, he was discharged and was stable enough to resume his normal life with his parents and four siblings and also find employment.

Mohamed said he owed his recovery to his family for their unwavering support, especially his mother, who he thought of as his second doctor. He also praised the Mental Health Service team at HMC who provided him not just with professional help but also compassionate care and support.

Mohamed has become a great advocate of speaking out about the importance of good mental health care and the dispelling of incorrect myths about mental illness. He has shared his exceptional story with attendees at several conferences in the hope that his story will inspire others with mental health problems to seek professional help.

Mohamed’s treatment did not only benefit his health, but also helped him acquire various skills and a better understanding of mental health illnesses and psychiatry in general.  “I am currently working towards achieving my high school diploma which I had postponed due to my health condition. This is in preparation for my future dream of attending university and obtaining a degree in psychiatry.”   

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