Newly Appointed Canon EMEA President & CEO Visits Canon's Regional Headquarters

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Published August 27th, 2018 - 07:56 GMT
Yuichi Ishizuka, President and CEO of Canon Europe Middle East and Africa
Yuichi Ishizuka, President and CEO of Canon Europe Middle East and Africa

Yuichi Ishizuka, President and CEO of Canon Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA), a global provider of imaging technologies and services, visited Canon’s regional headquarters for the Middle East and Central and North Africa located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Ishizuka’s visit comes just four months into his new leadership role and emphasises the region as a priority for Canon EMEA.

The visit reinforced Canon EMEA’s commitment to the growth of the region’s imaging industry by providing the latest technologies in business and consumer imaging products and solutions. The Middle East and Central and North Africa are fast-developing markets for Canon, especially with the rise of the local tech and start-up scenes driven by the entrepreneurial endeavours of the youth that make up the majority of the population across the region. Various industries in the private sector are also seeking to adopt digitisation as a policy for seamless and efficient business operations, and imaging technologies are an integral part of this operational transformation.

“The Middle East and Africa are important growth markets for Canon. We are expanding in these regions rapidly because businesses and governments understand how imaging technologies can enhance their global competitiveness in a fast-evolving, digital world,” said Ishizuka.

During his visit, Ishizuka toured Canon’s newly opened Space360, an innovation-led, collaborative space that connects minds and drives creativity within the organisation, and also acts as an idea generation hub between other like-minded entities. He also visited Canon’s Innovation Centre which opened last year as an evolved showroom concept to provide businesses and other entities with a live demonstration of Canon’s latest technologies.

Canon EMEA contributes around one third of Canon’s global sales revenue and employs in the region of 17,000 people in 118 countries.

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Canon Middle East

Canon Middle East, a subsidiary of Canon Europe, is the operational headquarters for Canon in the Middle East and North Africa and is based in Dubai. Canon has been represented in the Middle East for more than 40 years through distributors and partners which successfully built a solid customer base and significant market share in the region.

CME today manages sales, marketing and technical support activities across 45 countries; in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE as well as French speaking African and North African countries.

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