Nuqul Group celebrates Quality Day in a Sustainable Manner

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Published December 7th, 2011 - 11:20 GMT

Led by Mr. Elia Nuqul, Chairman, and Mr. Ghassan Nuqul, Vice Chairman of Nuqul Group, the 2011 Quality Day awards, an annual awards ceremony was held to promote competitiveness among Nuqul Group companies and sharing good sustainability practices at all levels, was held on the 29th of November under the theme “Going Green” at the Landmark Hotel; a UN Global Compact signatory.

The event was inspired by the sustainability theme and was completely organized to promote a green and environmentally friendly approach.   All attendees used carpooling to reach the venue through the provision of a shuttle bus service to transport the attendees to and from the hotel;   recycled paper was used for all communication purposes, and a partnership has been formulated with the “Green Caravan Campaign” in Jordan to plant trees on behalf of the guests to offset the greenhouse emissions resulting from the event.

Two Companies, out of six that has initially applied for the awards, competed for the 1st and 2nd places, where they presented their projects around the Theme “Going Green”. Mr. Salim Karadsheh CEO of the Group presented the awards to the winners which were nominated by a team of expert guest jurors that included HE Mr. Adnan Badran President of Petra University, Mr. Raouf Dabbas Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Environment, Ms. Maali Qasem CEO of Schema, Ms. Ruba Al Zoubi Director of the Environmental Sustainability at the Development and Free Zones Commission and Ms. Razan Zuayter President of the Arab Group for the protection of Nature.

During the event, Dr. Tareq Abu Ghazaleh, Director of Operations Support at Nuqul Group presented the details of the 8th cycle of the Quality Day Awards and highlighted the major achievements of Nuqul Group in terms of sustainability whereby Nuqul Group has achieved 12% reduction in their Green House Gas emissions, and reduced their paper consumption by 18% across the entire group from their 2010 levels.

The two projects that competed for the awards included a project on the use of Skylights in at FINE KSA operational sites to reduce the consumption of Energy, and another project tackling industrial efficiencies in Nuqul Tissue Jordan Operations to help reduce energy consumption for manufacturing.

The Expert Jury made the decision to award the first place for Nuqul Tissue Jordan project on Energy Efficiency for manufacturing, and the second place to FINE KSA Project on Skylights.

Mr. Ghassan Vice chairman of Nuqul Group said “this event has made me feel proud, and the models of excellence that were presented during the event will be systemized across the group so as to achieve the maximum sustainability impact for Nuqul Group”

Celebrating 60 years of achievements, innovation and impacting surrounding communities, Nuqul Group today runs different investments and industries led by an empowered 5800 team members spanning several continents.

Nuqul Group embodies two major holding entities; FINE Hygienic Holding (FHH) being the umbrella for paper mills, FINE hygienic paper companies and supporting industries; while The Promise Holding includes diverse investments in different sectors and modes.

Background Information

Nuqul Group

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Elia Nuqul, founded Nuqul Brothers Company on January 1, 1952 in Jordan as a trade and import company for foodstuff. This modest operation has grown over the years to become a worldwide corporation embracing a number of ventures in the Middle East region, and has been distinguished for its emphasis on ethical business practices and an appreciation for opportunity. Six years later, in 1958, Fine Hygienic Paper Company was established and soon became the region’s flagship brand for hygienic paper products.

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