Ooredoo Celebrates the Start of the 13th Goodwill Journey at Muscat Grand Mall

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Published June 11th, 2017 - 08:41 GMT
During the event
During the event

Enthusiastic crowds of well-wishers were at Muscat Grand Mall to celebrate the start of the thirteenth Ooredoo Goodwill Journey, cheering on the convoy of volunteers from the Ooredoo team as they set off on the much-loved annual nationwide voyage. Heading first to Al Awabi, the mission of care and compassion will encompass Shinas, Khasab, Buraimi, Ibri and Bahla in its first busy week. Goodwill ambassadors will then spend a second week heading to Al Seeb, Al Kamil Wa Al Wafi, Ibra, Haima and Dhalkot before returning to a finale reception in Muscat.

The Ooredoo Goodwill Journey is dedicated to driving development and societal progress through education, employment and empowerment. As the inspirational mission progresses across the country, its fasting volunteers set up new projects designed in consultation with the communities they are intended to support and monitor the achievements and accomplishments of ongoing initiatives. They also take the opportunity to distribute essential equipment, supplies and materials to charitable associations, organisations and groups as well as conducting vocational skills training workshops. Along the way the volunteers delight in sharing the very special spirit, happiness and joy of the Holy month, organising events, activities and festivities, distributing donated gifts, and spreading smiles.

Raed Mohamad Dawood, Director of Government Relations and Corporate Affairs, said, “The start of the Ooredoo Goodwill Journey is always a significant and memorable occasion. But the brilliant send-off the volunteers received this year was inspiring and motivating, and clearly showed how much the Goodwill Journey means to so many people.”

He added, “In what promises to be a truly impactful journey, Ooredoo is looking forward to building on the success of previous years as we contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate, enriching everyday lives and helping people across Oman fulfil their aspirations and reach their potential. This year, we are particularly excited to help develop the talents of women across Oman through the Ooredoo Incubator Programme, supporting them with acquiring income-generating skills and empowering them with the potential to join the Sultanate’s burgeoning entrepreneurial community.”

Established in 2005, the annual Goodwill Journey has so far helped over 171 groups and over 10,000 people, who have been directly impacted by the initiative. The essential training and educational equipment, supplies, and materials presented ranged from kitchen and hairdressing appliances to iPads and computers. Help for small businesses included the supply of kiosks and furniture for local products exhibitions. On top of this, the Ooredoo volunteers conducted vocational skills workshops to support the various initiatives and their communities.

For more information about the 13th Goodwill Journey and how to contribute to it, go to www.ooredoo.com or follow their progress on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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