Ooredoo Prepares Oman for a Bright and Lightning Fast Future With Eventual 5G Rollout

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Published March 12th, 2018 - 10:22 GMT
Taha Bin Hussain Al-Raisi, Acting Chief Technology Officer at Ooredoo
Taha Bin Hussain Al-Raisi, Acting Chief Technology Officer at Ooredoo

In the race to 5G, Ooredoo, the Sultanate’s data experience leaders have successfully deployed a massive multiple-input and multiple-output (Massive MIMO) trial in Home Broadband. The test achieved fantastic results which showed that by using the appropriate customer-provided equipment (CPE), speeds and capacity were increased by more than five times. The outcome was obtained through Massive MIMO, a new antenna technology which enhances customer experience, capacity and output, allowing multiple customers to connect to the same site location. This effort is part of Ooredoo’s committment to prepare Oman for this new transformative technology which will give customers the ultimate network with great speed for enjoying the internet and connecting more devices. 

Taha Bin Hussain Al-Raisi, Acting Chief Technology Officer at Ooredoo said, “5G is more than just a boost to mobile users, it is the way of the future and it is crucial that the Sultanate is well prepared to utilise the full benefits when it is ready. We are already starting to see a huge growth in the internet-of-things (IoT) and smart city initiatives which are a general indication of the connected future that the nation is heading towards. These innovative services and applications will depend heavily on the speed and capacity of the next generation to enable this idea, which is why Ooredoo has been working to ensure that this comes to fruition. We have already taken significant steps towards its implementation with the successful field testing of our Massive MIMO 5G product and ongoing developing IoT solutions. Ooredoo is making sure that Oman’s future is bright and lightning fast”.

The next generation of wireless technology promises to dramatically increase the speed at which data is transferred across the network to 100 times faster than cellular connection and 10 times faster than the speediest home broadband service. That means a full HD movie can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. However, on a much deeper level, the fifth generation is expected to unlock the full capabilities of the latest emerging innovative technologies through its combination of speed, responsiveness and reach, effectively changing peoples’ lives by connecting everything around them.  As well as these features, one of the main benefits of 5G is its low latency which will be enough to provide real-time response.

Ooredoo’s latest efforts to transform Oman into a knowledge-based society includes its 4G expansion which increased their reach to cover 90% of Oman’s population, reiterating a national commitment to deliver 1,000 sites by Q1 of 2018, to deliver buffer-free, uninterrupted and secure high-speed internet. To find out about Ooredoo’s exciting range of products and services, customers can download the Ooredoo Oman app, visit any of Ooredoo’s 50 stores located across the Sultanate, or go to www.ooredoo.om.

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