Ooredoo video advert reaches more than 1 Million views

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Published September 28th, 2016 - 03:44 GMT
Ooredoo Video Advert Reaches More Than 1 Million Views
Ooredoo Video Advert Reaches More Than 1 Million Views

Ooredoo Kuwait’s video advert “The Most Powerful Network For Your Life”, reached more than 1 million views on YouTube. The video, which tackles everyday life situations in the of Kuwaiti youth, and the importance of reliable internet solutions to them, is the fourth collaboration between Ooredoo Kuwait and Senyar Productions.

 The advert comes to reiterate Ooredoo’s ongoing commitment to enrich the lives of its customers through a strong and reliable network that complements their lifestyle. It features a number of Kuwait’s renowned social media figures, including fashion blogger Lailah, who gained fame for giving reliable tips and reviews, in addition to Kuwaiti wakeboard surfers Khaled Alawadhi, Meshal Al-Dabbous and Bader Aman, in addition to Kuwaiti music band The Concert and social media influencers group 228, who gained fame for their funny social critique videos on social media. The advert focuses on four modes of internet usage which are uploading, downloading, gaming and streaming.

The advert was produced after Ooredoo Kuwait won “Speedtest Awards Winner 2016” by Ookla, the company that operates the famous website Speedtest.net, a tool that measures network speed on users’ devices. The awards are based on speed test results conducted by hundreds of thousands of actual smartphone users in Kuwait.

Ooredoo stated that it regularly benchmarks its services in relation to all competition, and results have indicated that it scores higher than competition in terms of speed and capacity. The tests were conducted in various locations and under different conditions across Kuwait to better measure the network’s strength.

Ooredoo Kuwait currently has more than 1,800 deployed LTE sites across Kuwait, covering the entire country. In addition, it is expanding its relations with renowned international telecommunication technology solution providers to be able to adapt the latest technologies, including 5G internet. 

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We are on a mission to empower customers across our global footprint to access and enjoy the best of the Internet in a way that is personal and unique to them.

We continue to invest in our networks to ensure seamless connectivity that caters to our customers’ growing digital needs.

We are working as a real digital enabler across our markets and our aspiration is to help people simplify their lives and enjoy exciting and rewarding digital experiences.

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