Panasonic displays eco-friendly educational solutions at Gitex 2012

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Published October 16th, 2012 - 07:21 GMT

Panasonic understands that in the education sector, integrating the latest technology is more important than ever to attract and retail talent. This year at GITEX Technology Week 2012, Panasonic will host a dedicated section displaying its complete range of educational solutions. 

Panasonic products offer students and faculty a new real learning experience as it integrates the latest technology, providing a holistic approach to improve the overall student learning and social interaction experience. These products provide exciting ways to communicate and exchange ideas, facilitating improved learning experience.   

“The Middle East education sector is witnessing a paradigm shift and is getting ready to embrace new solutions and systems to improve and enhance the quality of education. With the new evolving digital world, a lecturer to student interaction cannot compete with the digital natives, who learn on their own. The information on a given topic is no more restricted to a notebook. The information is abundant and easily accessible to everyone. As a result, the sector is racing ahead to inculcate these new e-learning techniques and methodologies into the classroom and curriculum”, said Suzuki Yuichiro, Senior Manager, System Solutions, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa. 

“With our educational solutions, we are looking at deploying high-performance campus networks”, added Yuichiro. 

Interactive Plasma Display Panel TH-65PB1W 

The TH-65PB1W allows for effective, innovative presentations with high-speed simultaneous and multiple drawing capabilities. Up to 4 pens can be used simultaneously for natural, smooth, comfortable writing.  Also the TH-65PB1W can be synchronized with PC or tablet data wirelessly. The data on PC screen can be easily sent by wireless transmission. And there is no need to switch cables each time the presenter changes. Multiple Transmission Mode allows data from multiple PCs to be shown on a single screen, or the data from one PC to be shown on up to 8 displays. 

A new electronic pen system has been developed that takes advantage of plasma characteristics. The pen's position is directly detected and displayed from the light emitted from each of the Full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080) pixels. This results in fast, smooth, precise writing and drawing. 

Also on the TH-65PB1W because up to 4 pens can be individually recognized, people can write with pens of different colors and thicknesses simultaneously. Only the pen is detected, so there are no errors caused by contact with clothing or hands. 

Furthermore, Wireless transmission is also possible from iOS devices. Simply install an application (free of charge) to display still-image slideshows and PDF images from an iPad, iPhone, etc. 

Interactive Whiteboard - UB-T880W / UB-T880 

The elite Panaboard UB-T880W / UB-T880 is an interactive whiteboard that uses a projector to display PC images onto its surface and lets the presenter operate the data on the board with a finger or an Electronic Pen that works like a PC mouse. It adds an exciting visual element to meetings that used to be all talk and few pictures, and brings rich, paperless expression to presentations that previously depended on stacks of paper handouts. 

The elite Panaboard has built-in stereo speakers. Motion images or audio files on a PC can be played on the elite Panaboard -- complete with sound -- so nuances that are difficult to express with words alone can be directly relayed. 

With the help of Dynamic Image Control Multi Touch Operation, images can be easily moved, scaled and rotated with your fingers making presentations more interesting, dynamic and interactive. 

Ultra-short Throw 3D ready projector   PT-CW230 / PT-CX200 

New Panasonic PT-CW230 and CX200 Panasonic’s ultra-short throw projectors that can project images onto a large 80-inch screen with a short projection distance of 0.32 m. The PT-CW230GI projector can be installed either horizontally or vertically to meet various installation requirements. The 3D projections make classes, seminars, events and exhibitions more impressive and effective, providing a wider range of uses.

The projector delivers 3D images. The Frame Sequential Method displays stereoscopic images by synchronizing the projector with the 3D glasses. The combination of this system with the short-throw function enables space-saving 3D projection, helping you create innovative and attractive presentations. In the DLP system, the image quality does not degrade with time due to long life of the device. You can use the PT-CW230GI projector for various systems over a long period without worry of quality loss. 

These projectors have a higher brightness of 2,500 lumens to ensure bright and easy-to-see image projection. The volume level of the 10 W high-output speakers is enough for meeting rooms and classrooms; you do not need to use an external speaker. You can make multi-media projector presentations with just the PT-CW230GI. 

Interactive projector PT-TW231R 

The PT-TW231R series is an effective presentation tool as it projects images onto a large screen in a limited space; making lectures go smoothly by eliminating glare of the projection light and the shadow on the screen. 

A carefully engineered short-focal lens allows large 80-inch projection from a mere 86 cm (2.8 ft) away from the screen surface.  The projector can be placed next to the screen, which allows a presenter to stand in front of the image without his/her shadow being cast on the image. The PT-TW231R is equipped with a feedback camera for the interactive function, which enables text, graphics, or lines to be written onto projected images. A pen and a pointer containing infrared sensors are included. 

The start-up screen can be customized using the Logo Transfer software from the Panasonic website to customize the projector and/or for theft prevention. Also, direct Power Off allows the room’s main power to be turned off immediately after use. 

The projector comes with a long replacement cycle of up to 4,000 hours for the lamp and a durable multilayered filter. The filter and lamp are easily replaced from the top even when the projector is installed on the ceiling. Furthermore, presentation support/control tools such as presentation timer, Freeze Function, and Digital Zoom. 

The Panasonic stand at this year’s GITEX Technology Week is located in hall 3 stand B3-1 where breakthrough solutions for business, industry and consumer will be showcased under the theme ‘Smart Solutions, Eco Innovations’. 

GITEX Technology Week 2012 takes place at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 14-18 October.

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Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa FZE (PMMAF), a subsidiary of Japan-based Panasonic Corporation, is the regional headquarters for Panasonic in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region and is based in Dubai.

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