Pevonia introduces SpaTeen Line Treatment

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Published April 11th, 2012 - 10:39 GMT

Adolescence comes with its own share of woes and one that every teenager needs to come to terms with is skin trouble. The growth stage for every teenager can be a trying one with acne, pimples and damaged skin wreaking havoc to one’s natural beauty. Pevonia the natural skincare line introduces the SpaTeen range that helps boost moisture, controlling blemishes and repairs skin from sun exposure. 

The SpaTeen line has two categories 1) for all skin types and 2) for blemished skin.

SpaTeen All Skin Types Strawberry HydraBoost Treatment- is Vitamin-enriched and exfoliates to remove dirt and oil build-up from daily sun exposure. A powerful enzyme peel helps to get rid of stubborn clogging, blackheads, and dead cells. It makes the skin clean and leaves it with a soothing and hydrating glow.

SpaTeen All Skin Types Papaya HydraSoothe Treatment- The all skin type Papaya Hydrasoothe treatment is a relieving mask treatment that controls skin sensitivity and increase strengthens the fragile skin. It replaces the teen skin with optical moisture. An ideal post-sun exposure and post-sports treatment for a visibly repaired complexion. It is recommended for all skin types.

SpaTeen Blemish Skin Treatment- The SpaTeen Blemish skin treatment helps remove layers of unwanted sebum, and also helps to prevent breakouts and brightens the complexion of the skin. The moisture treatment helps prevent dead cells, clogged pores and keeps the skin clear. The blemish b-gone product delivers a potent dose on skin spots. This is recommended for blemished skin type. 

The Pevonia SpeTeen line treatment is done by professionals, and is available at leading Spas across the UAE.

Background Information


As a worldwide leader in professional skincare, Pevonia® was the first company to develop a Spa Skincare Line exclusively for elite spas and Professional Aestheticians. Our products launched in 1991 fully recognizing that the most effective skincare ingredients can be found in the safest source on earth, in nature. By combining effective, safe and natural ingredients with decades of experience in professional skincare, Pevonia continues to be the global leader in skin rejuvenation and health.

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