Philip Stein group introduces new jewelry bracelet

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Published March 19th, 2014 - 06:19 GMT

Philip Stein Group GmbH, primarily known for their exclusive wellness feature in luxury watches introduces a new jewelry bracelet collection. The Philip Stein Jewelry Bracelet collection is a partnership with Calgaro to introduce bracelets, which house Natural Frequency Technology*. Monica Fin, who developed the project for Calgaro, was deeply influenced by the Philip Stein technology and pairs her fluid style of jewelry making with a retro sensibility to create these stainless steel and diamond bracelets. 

The Philip Stein Jewelry bracelets are made from stainless steel with a center inlay of enamel. The bracelet is wrapped stainless steel wire with a stainless steel buckle and comes in a variety of PVD plated colors (black, yellow gold, rose gold, chocolate). Select styles are available with full cut white diamonds. Price points are between AED2500-AED6000retail.

*) Natural Frequency Technology is based on key frequencies believed to be beneficial to life and health, which are embedded on a metal disk found in every Philip Stein product. When wearing the bracelet or the watch the human energy field interacts with the frequencies. The energy field becomes bigger and stronger and as a result the person is more resilient to stress.

“This technology is a natural approach to improved well-being”, said Stein, adding that the company continues to study new ways to deliver Natural Frequency Technology to enhance people’s quality of life. 

Background Information

Philip Stein Group

Founded in 2003 based on a desire to incorporate wellbeing benefits with an iconic, luxurious look, Philip Stein has created timepieces and accessories that can help wearers look and feel at their best, optimizing wellness and harmony.

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