Watch company Philip Stein evolve into a premium wellbeing lifestyle brand with the launch of ‘Live in Tune’ ethos

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Published October 30th, 2013 - 04:48 GMT
Philip Stein
Philip Stein

Celebrating ten years, Philip Stein is redefining their company, by rebranding as a premium wellbeing lifestyle brand with the launch of a new ethos that encapsulates the mind, body and spirit.

 As a wellbeing lifestyle brand, Philip Stein will offer lifestyle accessories for better living to reflect their belief that the pursuit of wellbeing is an integral part of life. To support this, the brand is launching a new social media campaign, #liveintune, as well as more lifestyle product offerings, including beauty and jewelry, while simultaneously enhancing features on existing products to coincide with their new “Live In Tune” brand messaging. These new product categories include Life, Sleep and Beauty; the key elements to provide health and wellness, as well as an enhanced overall quality of life. 

The “Live In Tune” ethos reflects calibration and alignment for optimum performance, and the Natural Frequency Technology helps re-tune the body and mind to its natural best,” says Will Stein, co-founder of Philip Stein. “The unique technology inside our accessories acts like an antenna, which is finely tuned to pick up and channel the beneficial natural frequencies that surround us, towards our bodies, in turn it helps tune us back to a state where we perform and live at our best. It was a natural evolution to provide more lifestyle products which can deliver this technology to everyone in their daily lives, for any time of day.” 

As part of the rebranding, Philip Stein has launched two creative campaigns leveraging social media to support the new positioning. The first is #cantsleep, which solicits encouraging stories and images of sleep tips from across the web then curates and distributes this content to people who can’t sleep, as well as to their own community via the Philip Stein social media channels. The second campaign, #liveintune, encourages people to share their great life moments by using #liveintune. Philip Stein then rewards the best submission with a personalized gift embodying the Live in Tune ethos. 

Also in celebration of the new “Live In Tune” campaign, a new collection of watches will be debuted this season. The collection offers an array of new styles and faces, and replaces the number 8 on the dial treatments with their signature logo as a symbol and reminder of the Natural Frequency Technology. 

For women, new timepieces in the collection include style#1-MOPRG-MOW which features classic dual time zone displays, Philip Stein’s coveted DNA all beautifully accentuated by rose gold accents and a metallic white ostrich strap. Another new highlight includes style #41-D-MOPPR-CIPR featuring coordinated aubergine accented dial, 52 diamonds totaling .78 ctw, elegant fewer markers framed with a purple Italian calf leather strap. 

The men’s collection is the company’s most significant collection in the brand’s history. Highlights include style #45B-CRBKRG-BB which boasts a bold large face set in a 45 mm round black PVD case with rose gold accents.  Style# 2-BRN-CIBR showcases a dark chocolate constructed dial, Philip Stein signature dual time zones finished with a rich brown Italian calf leather strap.

Background Information

Philip Stein Group

Founded in 2003 based on a desire to incorporate wellbeing benefits with an iconic, luxurious look, Philip Stein has created timepieces and accessories that can help wearers look and feel at their best, optimizing wellness and harmony.

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