Qatar National Research Fund launches new searchable database with Qatar National Library

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Published September 28th, 2016 - 03:40 GMT
Qatar Foundation
Qatar Foundation

Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) has teamed up with Qatar National Library (QNL) to bring the outcomes of QNRF-funded research more into the public domain.

This joint initiative takes the form of an advanced online, searchable database that allows users to search for, or browse, any published outcome of QNRF-funded research projects.

Students and researchers searching QNRF database entries are linked to the full text of the publications via QNL subscriptions and can gain instant access from Qatar Foundation or Qatar University networks, with access from other networks requiring a QNL registration.  

“This initiative not only provides another valuable insight into the ongoing digital revolution taking place in libraries, but is tangible evidence of QNRF’s forward-looking core business strategy, which includes the dissemination of research outcomes,” said Dr Abdul Sattar Al-Taie, Executive Director, QNRF.

“It also provides us with an interesting insight into how collaborations can work cost-effectively at an operational level within Qatar Foundation, as it allows the public to easily access first-hand knowledge from renowned faculty and researchers worldwide. It represents a key element of our mission to keep everyone fully informed of the outcomes of QNRF-funded research.”

Haytham Ali, Manager of Information Technology, QNRF, explained that more than 2,500 publications from more than 500 QNRF-funded projects have so far been added to the database, saying: “Users can now gain instant access at any time, from any device. This is a great example of using the advanced infrastructure we have created to benefit both researchers and the public.”

“Using our advanced IT systems to share the completed outcomes of the research, either through QNRF’s or QNL’s websites, gives both the public and members of the research community the freedom to share in the growing success of Qatar’s mission to become a knowledge-based society,” said Dr Claudia Lux, Executive Director, QNL.

“QNL continuously seeks to promote collaboration to further our mission in spreading knowledge, and providing resources that meet the information needs of our society. We are proud to collaborate with QNRF to further research development and establish research links with a resourceful and exemplary institution,” said Dr Lux.

Through the collaboration, QNRF, part of Qatar Foundation Research & Development (QF R&D), and QNL – both members of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) – aim to support innovative and high-quality research initiatives that advance the dissemination of knowledge to all members of the community.

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