QF center Earthna’s Qatar National Dialogue on Climate Change focuses on need for holistic, multi-sectoral approaches to climate change solutions

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Published September 22nd, 2022 - 06:34 GMT
QF center Earthna’s Qatar National Dialogue on Climate Change focuses on need for holistic, multi-sectoral approaches to climate change solutions

The second day of the Qatar National Dialogue on Climate Change 2022, held by Qatar Foundation’s Earthna Center for a Sustainable Future, focused on the role that academia and research can play in supporting policymaking in the field of sustainability. 

Panelists also discussed the need for multisectoral collaboration in identifying sustainable solutions for sectors such as transport, industry, and urban design. The importance of innovative climate financing solutions, and capacity building to develop measurement reporting and validation mechanisms in global dialogues and negotiations, were also highlighted in presentations and panels.  

Speaking after the event, Dr. Gonzalo Castro de la Mata, Executive Director of Earthna said: “We are incredibly grateful for the valuable contributions of all Qatar National Dialogue on Climate Change participants over the past two days.

“Through engaging discussions and thought-provoking presentations, we have identified tangible actions which will benefit Qatar’s climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts. We would also like to thank our co-hosts, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change; our partners, the Al-Attiyah Foundation; and sponsors Qatar Shell, HSBC and Qatar Free Zones Authority, for their support.”  

The first of three sessions highlighted emerging research and findings on Qatar’s climate, with researchers, representatives from international organizations, and academic scholars sharing global insights and data to inform the country’s climate change mitigation efforts. The session focused on the need for collaboration between government, academia, and industry to reach creative solutions for reducing carbon emissions. 

Session two opened with presentations on the need for financial regulations that promote sustainable practices, and ways to mobilize financing towards solutions and investments that can help meet climate challenges in Qatar. In a follow-up panel discussion, participants highlighted the latest approaches to climate finance, with a focus on the use of sustainability bonds, while also emphasizing the role of the capital markets and regulation in supporting sustainability initiatives. 

The final session featured presentations and discussions on measurement, reporting, and verification frameworks that can support the widespread adoption and implementation of climate change initiatives and projects in Qatar. The session included insights about the need to support developing countries in building their capacity to fight climate change and collect reliable data. 


Earthna is a non-profit policy research and advocacy center established under Qatar Foundation (QF) to inform and influence national and global sustainability policy.

Bridging technical and research expertise with policy advice and advocacy, Earthna will convene a wide community of technical and research experts, government, policy and decision makers, businesses, multilateral institutions, and civil society to generate a more sustainable future.

Earthna runs multidisciplinary programming with a focus on the fields of hot and arid climates, sustainable cities, and sustainable energy, as well as the potential of QF’s Education City as a testbed for sustainable technologies and practices.

Earthna is focused on developing tools, solutions, and policies to improve people’s lives within a thriving natural environment. Working together with our community to co-create and design solutions that utilize our resources and understand our local culture and needs, we deliver a message of hope and impactful action that will strengthen our legacy.

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