RAKBANK offers a suite of innovative products to SMEs in the UAE

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Published October 10th, 2016 - 10:49 GMT

With an aim of addressing the financial needs of SMEs in the UAE, RAKBANK extends its lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) through the launch of a suite of new Business Banking products. The ‘Point of Sale’ loan (POS), machinery loan, real-estate financing, and lastly a buy-out loan that will assist SME customers in managing their day-to-day liquidity as well as plan their business expansion.  

Customers can now enjoy four new Business Banking products that will help them meet all their financial needs. For starters, the POS loan is mainly directed to retailers in the UAE. Providing retail businesses the extra support that is needed by offering a loan amount based on the total value of transactions that are made through the POS machine. Real-estate financing supports the capital expansion plans of SMEs by offering customers the opportunity to own commercial property. With the real-estate loan, customers can enjoy flexible pricing, repayment period and loan tenor.

The Bank also launched asset backed financing to help customers buy machinery, equipment, and other commercial assets to support their expansion plans.  With attractive rates and financing solutions, customers can also take advantage of the available re-financing option. Lastly, companies in the UAE that are in search of a better financial solution to manage their liquidity without additional cost or collateral can now look to RAKBANK and avail a buy-out loan.

Additionally, with a renewed focus on strengthening relationships with valued customers, the Bank also provides an advisory service to its Business Banking customers to ensure that they feel supported at every stage in their business lifecycle. This service is available in person or virtually via the Bank’s many ‘touch points’.

RAKBANK Chief Executive Officer, Peter England, said: “We are one of the pioneers in supporting SMEs in the country and we therefore remain fully committed to the Business Banking segment. We will continue to help this segment grow by extending innovative and collaborative solutions, because we believe that the potential of SMEs will generate greater returns for the economy.” 

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RAKBANK, also known as the National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah (P.S.C) a Public Joint Stock Company, is one of the oldest and most dynamic banks in the UAE. Founded in 1976, the Bank underwent a major transformation in 2001, with a shift in focus from Corporate Banking to Personal and Business Banking.

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