RIPE NCC Engages AUD Students on How the Internet Functions

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Published February 28th, 2018 - 07:09 GMT
During Ripe’s Academic Engagement Session With Students of the AUD.
During Ripe’s Academic Engagement Session With Students of the AUD.

The RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens) Network Coordination Center (NCC) recently embarked on a productive academic engagement with students of the American University in Dubai (AUD) at the university campus.

During the session, RIPE NCC experts walked AUD students, faculty, and staff through the technical fundamentals that allow the Internet to function and grow, such as standardization, numbering, and naming. The attendees were also introduced to the ecosystem of organizations that coordinate these efforts, their operating models, and how they can get involved.

“Our academic engagement with universities is by far one of the most gratifying and fulfilling initiatives our team in the Middle East office works on, said Paul Rendek, Director of External Relations, RIPE NCC. “The amount of discussion and feedback received during and after the session is overwhelming, and students, even those without any technical background, are highly engaged and intrigued.”

The RIPE NCC also took the opportunity to introduce the RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative (RACI) to those interested in showcasing their Internet-related research. RACI provides funding for students and researchers to present their work in front of some of the leading technical figures in the Internet world. Their work is also published on RIPE Labs for community feedback.

As for those looking for fresh research topic ideas, the RIPE NCC pointed them to RIPE Atlas - a global, open, distributed Internet measurement platform - and RIPE NCC Hackathons which provide an opportunity to work alongside network operators, developers, and the local Internet community in developing innovative new tools.

The RIPE NCC has a diverse online course portfolio offered through the RIPE NCC Academy and online webinars. The RIPE NCC is currently working to meet the requests from universities and faculty members to develop more e-learning modules based on the topics discussed at these face-to-face sessions.

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